Baby Gifts Pour in for J.Lo and Marc Anthony

New parents Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have received multiple deliveries of gifts to their Long Island home for their newborn twins.

“The twins already got a ton of embroidered pillows with their names on them,” says the source – though Anthony and Lopez have not released the names of their son and daughter, who were born Feb 22.
“Jennifer also is getting baby carriers with the names etched on them by Baby K’tan,” adds the source.

A spokesperson for Baby K’tan in Fort Lauderdale confirms that pink and blue embroidery were used respectively on the 100 percent cotton carriers and that they “were purchased from us as gifts for both J.Lo and Marc.”

In addition, members of Lopez’s family were spotted shopping at Baby Gap in Americana Manhasset mall last week, confirms a sales rep from the store.

As for how the new mom is doing, Lopez left the hospital this week and “is resting comfortably at home,” according to close friend.



Prince Harry Fighting in Afghanistan

Prince Harry has been fighting the Taliban on the frontline in Afghanistan, British army officials have confirmed to PEOPLE.


The Prince, 23, a second lieutenant in the Blues and Royals regiment of the Household Cavalry, has spent the last 10 weeks in the lawless Helmand province of the war-torn country.

He arrived on Christmas Eve and into one of the most dangerous places in the fight against terror. He was soon on foot patrol, alongside elite and fearless Ghurka fighters.

On the eve of his departure, he told a pooled interview that it was his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, who told him that he had his marching order.

The Palace and the Ministry of Defence in the U.K. had hoped to keep the mission secret in order to safeguard his life and those of his fellow soldiers.

But some foreign outlets started reporting the story on Feb. 28 – including media in Australia and Germany – and the officials moved to confirm the news.

He has been serving in a Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) in the Battlegroup Headquarters.
The prince has always made it clear that he wanted to take his place in the frontline and was bitterly disappointed when he was not able to go to Iraq last spring. At the Concert for Diana he gave a shout-out to those colleagues who had gone on out without him.


Police ‘Considering’ Britney Drugging Allegations

Police in Los Angeles say they are looking into allegations that Britney Spears was drugged, the Associated Press and TMZ are reporting.


In a statement to AP, Police Captain Kyle Jackson says the claims “are being considered,” though a formal investigation has not been launched. The Robbery-Homicide division will determine what, if any, laws have been violated.

Jackson added that no suspect has been identified.
Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, claimed in recent court papers that the pop star’s former manager Sam Lutfi drugged her, cut her home phone and yelled at her.

The allegations resulted in a restraining order against Lutfi, who is prohibited from coming within 250 yards of the singer.

Spears, 26, remains under a court-ordered conservatorship.


Nicole Richie’s Baby!


Nicole Richie and her daughter Harlow, born Jan 11. in L.A. Richie, 26, and her boyfriend Joel Madden, 28, open up about how parenthood has changed their lives – and the happy couple pose for an exclusive family photo album with their daughter.

Says Richie of life with Harlow: “She gives life a whole new meaning and a whole new purpose.”


Whoopi Goldberg Accepts Oscar Apology

Sunday’s producer Gil Cates tells the View host he’s sorry for the oversight

A promised phone call of apology came from the producer of the Oscars to Whoopi Goldberg, after Sunday night’s telecast neglected her during a montage highlighting hosts from past ceremonies, Goldberg said on Wednesday’s The View.


“Gil Cates called me yesterday,” Goldberg said on the ABC daytime show. “He made an oversight, pure and simple.”
“No harm was intended, and I feel very, very badly that she was left out. I’m going to call her and tell her that.”

Mission accomplished, Goldberg confirmed, quoting Cates as telling her on the phone, “You know I love you … It was a mistake, and I’m sorry I didn’t catch it.”

Added Goldberg: “I know him as a great gentleman,” and she said that they have both moved on.


Spice Girls Say Final Farewell

It’s official! Using their song lyrics and blog, the Spice Girls bid a final farewell Wednesday to cap the conclusion of their successful reunion tour.


“Our time is up … we’ve come to the end of the road … there are tears of both sadness and joy. Look how far we’ve come!,” the group wrote on their website.
“Yes, our reunion tour is proof that dreams do come true.”

The letter to fans on the Spice blog was signed with love from Emma [Bunton], Geri [Halliwell], Mel B [Brown], Melanie C [Chisolm] and Victoria [Beckham] after concluding a song best summed up their feelings:

“Goodbye my friend, it’s not the end … So glad we made it, time will never ever change it … ”

The Spice Girls, who last year reunited for the first time since 1988 and completed shows in Europe and the U.S., closed their tour with a show in Toronto Tuesday night. They were originally scheduled to go to Australia and South America, but family obligations and an already overextended timeline wouldn’t allow for it.

As for whether the Spice Girls are done for good or just taking another break, the ladies write, “We look to the future with hope and imagination and let Girl Power live on through all of you as it will continue in us and the future generations to come.”


Kimmel: Ben Affleck ‘Could Not Have Been More Sporting’

Jimmy Kimmel really does love Ben Affleck.

The talk show host – who memorably declared “I’m F—king Ben Affleck” in a music video Sunday night – cannot stop singing the actor’s praises.


“Ben could not have been more sporting,” (The song was designed as a retaliation against Kimmel’s girlfriend Sarah Silverman for her clip “He told us, ‘Listen, if we’re going to do this, we’ve got to do it right. I don’t want you guys to worry about my image.’ ”

In the video Affleck and Kimmel declare their love while backed by an A-list gospel choir including Cameron Diaz Robin Williams Ashlee Simpson and Don Cheadle.

There are also non-singing cameos by Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford, who blows the new couple a kiss before driving off in his convertible – revealing a “Honk if you’re f—ing Ben Affleck” bumper sticker.

“That was his real car,” Kimmel says of the legendary Indiana Jones star. “He’s still got that [sticker] on there!”

So what did Silverman think of the new song? “I suspected Jimmy was on the down low for a long time now,” she deadpanned to the New York Daily News. “I wish I could say I was surprised by this.”

If she’s plotting another salvo, Kimmel isn’t quaking in his cut-off denim shorts. “I suppose it’s possible that Sarah and Matt Damon are huddled in a cave somewhere planning their revenge,” he said. “But one thing I know is, if they are, they won’t tell me about it!”