Swayze’s Dirty Dancing Costar Wants to Hug Him|Celebrity News


Patrick Swayze’s costar in the movie that put him on the map would like to find him.

“It is so sad,” Jennifer Grey, 47, who appeared with Swayze, 55, in 1987’s Dirty Dancing, said of the actor’s cancer diagnosis, reports Britain’s Telegraph.

If I saw him on the streets today, I’d throw my arms around him and love him up,” says the actress.

Grey’s comment follows that of Swayze’s 1990 Ghost costar, Whoopi Goldberg, who said on Thursday’s edition of The View that she owes her Oscar for that movie to Swayze, who insisted she be cast in the role (as a fast-talking medium who channels his love to his widow, played by Demi Moore.

We want you to feel better and we will talk soon, I hope,” Goldberg, 52, said on TV.


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17 Responses to “Swayze’s Dirty Dancing Costar Wants to Hug Him|Celebrity News”

  1. Melinda Clark Says:

    I have loved Patrick Swayae ever since seeing him in North and South. Wishes of hope and faith to you and your family Patrick.

  2. emilia Says:

    If i could I woult like to give him my life, i love him so much since i saw dirty dancind.
    Get better Patrick!!!!!!

  3. zena doyle Says:

    feel for you patrick lost mum few years ago same problem,but do hope you pull through,you are such a strong person may god be with you and lisa always.zena england.

  4. pattie Says:

    Patrick and Lisa,
    You and your wife look beautiful together and it’s great to hear and see that you are together and are in love with each other after all these years. I’m praying for you and your family. Wishing only the best. I been watching your movies forever. You know the kids still read the Outsiders at school and they watch the movie also. I can’t wait until “The Beast” airs, and we see you on screen. Keep up the positive attitude! It is great to see. And most important Patrick you will always be hot! with love and prays,

    pattie, from ohio

  5. Debbie b chicago Says:

    Dear Patrick and lisa,
    You are in my prayers! Everybody is thinking of you in your time of need. Be strong and have faith. God will get you thru this! You are truly a hero and always be a legend to all of us. Take care and god bless

    Debbie (chicago)

  6. Lucy Says:

    Patrick gives the whole world hope. Whenever people hear horrible things like a cancer diagnosis, often times, they lose hope. Patrick’s unending strength is truly admirable for all others in similar situations.

  7. Ken & Darlene Fuller Says:

    Patrick, You are one strong man. Keep the faith. God is the Great Physician. Work on getting healthy like it all depends on you and pray like it all depends on God. We are praying for you also. Lisa, thank you for being strong for your husband. God bless you both. Remain strong in your marriage and your faith.

  8. Jeffrey B Thorson Says:

    Dirty Dancing is one of my all time fav’s. The dance those two did at the end of the movie really lit up the screen. The best acting I’ve ever seen. If Jennifer Grey really wants to throw her arms around Patrick Swayze and love him up then why don’t they do an oncore. On Dancing With the Stars. It would be awesome if they would get back together and do the same dance that they did in Dirty Dancing. I’m serious. They should do it. What an experience it would be for everybody.

  9. helena Says:

    ohh dear patrick i wish that you will feel better soon
    i love you very much..

    wish you luck and i hope u ll soon be healty

    kiss from Croatia

  10. liza Says:

    Patrick you are the best the BEST..!
    I Love the Movie Dirty Dancing and Ghost..!

  11. Claudia van Dijke Says:

    Dear Patrick, I feel so sorry for you and your wife.
    I wish I could help you. I love your movies and especially North and South and Dirty dancing. You were great.
    Cancer is horrible, I know because my husband died with a braincancer, he was 40 years. To young, much too young just like you. You are also much too young.
    I think of you almost every day.
    I’ll send you the best luck in the whole world and I’ll pray for you.
    Love you, Claudia The Netherlands

  12. Melanie vd Bunt Says:

    Dear Patrick, I loved you in the movie Dirty Dancing, I’ve seen the movie about 18 times I think.
    I feel sad for your wife and you.
    I wish there was something I could help you with…
    Cancer is horrible, and I’ll hope so much and I’ll pray that you’ll gonna be okay.

    Wish you good luck, and never give up!

    Loves,Melanie from the Netherlands

  13. Kim Says:

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  14. Biestie Says:

    Yesterday’s “dirty dancing”‘ on German TV made me think of Jennifer Grey (of which I haven’t heard anything at all….) and particularly Patrick Swayze.
    I watched the 20.15h session as well as the repeat at almost 01.00h to see them dancing – especially P.S.; watching him was very special…..
    They both were awesome!
    I did not follow P.S.’s career but of course heard about his cancer.
    I wish him well for that he soon recovers to the full.

  15. Angela Says:

    R.I.P Patrick, we miss you. Hope you are singing and dancing with the greats and the gods!

  16. Suzanne Says:

    Patrick, tu étais un grand homme. J’ai suivi ta carrière et j’ai vu tous tes films. Je suis de ta génération, à deux ans près.

    Je me plais à imaginer que tu es parti de la même façon que Sam… en emportant avec toi tout l’amour que tu as en toi.

    Lisa, puisse l’amour qui vous a unis tout au long de ces années emplir votre coeur,vous réconforter et vous aider à lui survivre. Il est toujours là, près de vous et vous tiens la main, j’en suis certaine.

    De tout coeur,


  17. Suzanne Says:

    Approximative translation of the precedent message…

    Patrick, you were a great man. I followed your career and I saw all your films. I am of your generation, in two years near.

    I like to imagine that you left in the same way as Sam by taking with you all the love which you have in you.

    Lisa, may the love which united you throughout these years, fill your heart, comfort you and help you to survive him. He’s always there, near you and hold your hand, I am sure of it.

    From the deep of my heart,

    Suzanne (Quebec)

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