Celebrity Kid Bobbi Kristin celebrated her 15th birthday with her parents Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston on March 4th. Bobbi Kristina is the only child of Whitney Houston,but Bobby Brown has three other children: Sons Landon, Robert (Bobby Jr.), and daughter LaPrincia.

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  1. Anee Says:

    awww kute!! she looks so prettty!!!

  2. Fatimah Says:

    I’m really sick and tired of people always having something negative to say about other people “Whitney on Crack Bobbi kristian is grown or Fat ” Like I’m so sick of it already they are humans that what we fell to realize as human beings it really is not fair for us to go around talking negative about one another all the time maybe you should look at your self or take a look in your closet it may not look so preety either DONTBE QUICK TO JUDGE YOR NOT PERFECT SO SHUT UP ALREADY DAM

  3. Toni Says:

    Bobbi has Whitney’s eyes and mouth, but Bobby’s nose. 5/1/08 it’s reported Bobbi tried to stab Whitney & slit her own wrists because she doesn’t want to live with Whitney & now she’s locked up in a psych ward. These photos were less than 2 months ago. Bobbi has seen her parents do drugs & drink and her father doesn’t set any rules for her, she’s a daddy’s girl and thinks if she can live with him she can get away with anything. Now that Whitney is drug free & sober, she’s cleaned up and setting rules for Bobbi so she doesn’t go down the same bad path. Although it’s hard to tell a 15 year old not to do what they’ve seen you do, it’s not too late. I hope Whitney stands strong & doesn’t fall back. I think Bobby may be the only one to get through to Bobbi K. & he needs to grow up and care more about his daughter than hating Whitney because he no longer has her money. He needs to support Whitney even if only for the sake of their daughter turning out normal and not ruining her life. As a parent (and I have 3, one teenager and 2 younger ones, you have to love your children more than you hate your former spouse, so you can do the right thing. No one wins if Bobbi ends up killing herself or on drugs or alcohol.
    BOBBY..if you can’t stop looking at yourself for a minute and hating Whitney long enough to realize that NOT helping Whitney and encouraging Bobbi to respect and honor her mother, then you don’t care about Bobbi at all and that makes you a horrible parent. Once Bobbi turns 18 (if you’re that pathetic), you can hate Whitney all you want, until then BOBBY, YOU HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO YOUR DAUGHTER WHICH MEANS YOU PUT YOURSELF LAST AND YOUR DAUGHTER FIRST, EVEN IF IT MEANS YOU HAVE TO SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE AND SUPPORT WHITNEY TO ENSURE BOBBI TURNS OUT OK!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Natalie Says:

    i think that they look so cute- people need to stop judging them- people need to leave that broken up family alone

  5. carol Says:

    He does NOT hate Whitney. Blame game is not the issue here.

  6. Gina Says:

    While I don’t agree that Bobbi hates Whitney, I do agree with pretty much everything else that Toni had to say. I thought you expressed yourself well and got directly to the point which is Bobbi K is what’s important and that everything else has to take a back seat at the moment. I wish Whitney all the best and speaking as a former user who has been clean and sober for 15 years I know how hard it can be but I also know it can be done. I did it without treatment but with the grace of God and I wish her all the best in life and can’t wait till she’s back in the studio. God Bless you and your family Whitney!!!!

  7. sce Says:

    She looks like Chaka Khan wow!

  8. Autor Says:

    I love you Whitney!

  9. Liz Says:

    Am a Kenyan and I have been reading comments on Bobbi.What exactly is the criteria for a beautiful girl?She has lovely eyes and where I come from, girls would kill to have that gap between her teeth as its seen as a mark of beauty.She is still growing up and i bet she will soon be more gorgeous than she is

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