Lisa Marie Presley Thanks Fans for Their Support|Celebrity News

After a week that saw her outed as an expectant mom and named as the plaintiff in a libel suit across the Atlantic, Lisa Marie Presley is reaching out to fans and expressing her gratitude.


With a happy face punctuating her MySpace Celebrity Blog, the singer, 40, writes, “Your overwhelming support has not gone unnoticed. It has been heartwarming to see. It has made me very happy. 
Thank you. Much Love and respect, LMP.”

On March 7 Presley announced that she and her husband, guitarist and music producer Michael Lockwood, 46, were expecting their first child together, due in the fall. (Presley has two children with ex-husband Danny Keough: daughter Riley, 18, and son Benjamin, 15.)

Three days later, Presley filed suit against Britain’s Daily Mail after it published an article suggesting that she had developed an “unhealthy appetite” and “gained weight like her father Elvis.”

As a result, she said on “MySpace,” “I have had to show my cards and announce under the gun and under vicious personal attack that I am, in fact, pregnant.”

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