Spring Cleaning With Amy Winehouse

It seems even something as normal as spring cleaning can turn into a fiasco when Amy Winehouse gets involved!

The “Rehab” singer was spotted answering her door in her bra (once again) and seemed happy to sign a few autographs for her fans.

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5 Responses to “Spring Cleaning With Amy Winehouse”

  1. Jason Ferberger Says:

    Shes only slightly high.

  2. the dude Says:

    wooooooooowww. sorry but i highly (no pun intended..) doubt she was actually greeting fans at her door, more than happy to comply with requests of a simple autograph. some sleezy paperazzi d-bag woke her up in the middle of the night (probably by pounding on her door or window) in hopes of taking another potentially career-heightening picture took of the poor annoyed and rightly pissed off celebrity taken who most likely wants as little to do with the general public as possible at this point. invasion of privacy is illegal and it shouldn’t matter how famous you are or aren’t. it isn’t ANYONE’s right to wake someone up in the middle of the night (especially someone who you know has enough problems and is otherwise suffering enough on their own) just to yet again take another deer-in-the-headlights photograph of someone who can’t help their situation. maybe if everyone left her alone they wouldn’t be adding fuel to the fire. not saying i’m a fan of her music, but that one song about rehab is pretty awesome and i can very much relate. i’m just saying she’s a person. a person who, like you, doesn’t deserve to be treated any less than that.

  3. the dude Says:

    and the word “taken” between “celebrety” and “who” in my previous comment, was a typo.

  4. lani Says:

    people need to just leave her alone.

  5. Not sayin Says:

    The only thing that determines its not a man is the boobs! lol

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