Kate Takes a Break From Her Boys For the Girls

Kate Hudson traded her latest constant companion for a night out at Nobu with friends in LA on Saturday. Seeing that smile on her face makes us wonder if sweet nothings from Lance are on that BlackBerry of hers. Kate was all over NYC this month promoting her new hair care line, but now the blonde seems to be enjoying some California nights. With Fourth of July coming up this week we’ll see where she’ll be celebrating and showing off her bikini body by the water with her two favorite men.


Justin Takes His Shoes and His Lady Out on the Town

Even with a bag in front of her face, Jessica Biel couldn’t hide her laughter leaving a Friday night dinner date with Justin Timberlake at Cut in LA. The couple known for looking grumpy has been all smiles since his return to LA last week after traveling to Paris as the face of Givenchy perfumes. It’s nice to see he and Jessica seeming happier than ever, even if we don’t always agree with his choices in footwear.

Daughter Matilda Was Heath’s Focus on The Dark Knight Set

Heath Ledger‘s maniacal twist on the Joker in The Dark Knight in no way resembled his true character off set – that of a proud father to his 2-year-old daughter, Matilda, his costars say.

“Because he died people want a dark story [that] he was so obsessed with the character, he was so contaminated by the Joker and he couldn’t sleep and all of that stuff,” said costar Gary Oldman, who plays Lt. Jim Gordon in the film, adding that wasn’t the case.

“In between takes he would sit on the curbside and smoke a cigarette and laugh and talk about his daughter Matilda,” added Oldman Sunday at the press day for the film. “I thought he was just a beautiful kid. I thought he was just wonderful. I had a real affection for him.

Ledger, who died in January, gushed about his daughter with actress Michelle Williams to costars on set.

“Heath showed me pictures of [Matilda] … [he] would come in and say she did this and she did that,” recalled Aaron Eckhart, who plays District Attorney Harvey Dent in the sequel out July 18.

But Ledger’s other love on set was for his character, the Joker. Eckhart added: “He really created his look. That character — Heath loved so much. He really cared about the Joker.”

Director Christopher Nolan said he needed an actor who would be “truly fearless” for the role and Ledger was up for the challenge.

“[For] those who knew him and those who had the privilege of working with him, it’s pretty amazing the disparity between the person he was and the monster that he created for us,” Nolan said. “To see that being created from this very gentle person is a real testament to his skill as an actor.”

Glastonbury’s Got 99 Problems, Jay-Z Ain’t One (But Amy Is)

Despite early bad weather, the Glastonbury Festival rolled on this weekend with celebrity fans including Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne out to see performers like John Mayer, Jay-Z and so many more. Amy Winehouse found a way to make new headlines with her despicable behavior including punching a fan in the middle of her performance — more on that and video over on UK Pop — and insulting Kanye on stage.

On a brighter note, Jay-Z killed it as the headliner with Beyonce watching from the audience. After Noel Gallagher of Oasis made some disparaging comments about Jay headlining the festival, the rapper was under a lot of pressure to perform. Instead, he took the stage, guitar in hand, and started off his set by singing “Wonderwall” into “99 Problems.” Amazing, check out the video below — so fun and the perfect way to win over some new fans overseas.

Lindsay Lohan Smokes While Pregnant with Samantha

Despite all the Lohan drama last week with Lindsay’s supposed long lost sister, LL went about her usual routine in LA. She was spotted wearing a fake baby bump on a smoke break on the set of Labor Pains — obviously an unflattering sight but luckily for all of us, it’s only for a film.

Samantha Ronson continues to be by her side and holding her hand at work and play. The twosome also did normal things like shopping at Barneys yesterday. You all are not surprised by any Lohan headlines these days but at least Lindsay’s the one laying low.

Mary-Kate Olsen & Spencer Pratt Feud Started in High School

It’s starting to heat up into another classic Hollywood feud: Mary-Kate Olsen vs. self-promoting bad boy Spencer Pratt.

But well before Olsen publicly dissed the villain from The Hills for being a bad-tempered high-school spoilsport on the Late Show with David Letterman Friday, the seeds of their mutual antipathy were already planted.

In a 2007 Details article about Brody Jenner, best friend Pratt brags to a reporter about how he once made $50,000 by selling a photograph of Olsen drinking at a party back when the two attended the same high school.

And Pratt’s glee at his own plots doesn’t end there. The other schemes he talks about include having Jenner start dating Nicole Richie and then try to get her to eat, and trying to date every girl on The Hills.

Perhaps most ironic: He spends 20 minutes talking about how he wants to make a sex video with girlfriend Heidi Montag and then post it online. It’s the height of hypocrisy, if you believe Lauren Conrad’s claim that Pratt started the feud between her and Montag by spreading rumors of a sex tape starring Conrad.

Victoria Beckham Keeping It Casual

Victoria Beckham sported a pair of simple flip-flops as she and Kate Beckinsale watched their kids ice-skate on Sunday afternoon in LA.