Paris Hilton: Club Catfight Story “So Not True”

You know Paris Hilton is serious when she vows to have her picture taken in public without a drop of makeup on.

That’s what’s she’s promised to do if it will clear up rumors alleging she was slugged in the face Tuesday night while at an L.A. club and now bears a large bruise on her cheek.

“It’s so not true,” Hilton tells E! News. “I had a great time last night and didn’t even have an argument with anyone. I don’t know where they come up with this stuff.”

Hilton says she was at the club in question, Coco de Ville, but insists she spent the night talking with sister, Nicky, her sister’s boyfriend, and another female friend (boyfriend Benji Madden is away on tour with his band, Good Charlotte).

“It’s a completely made-up story,” says the heiress.

So does she have any thoughts on why someone would make up the bar brawl tales?

“Maybe publicity for the club,” says Paris. “It was my first time there, so I think someone just put that story out there so the place would get a bunch of press.” source E


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