Stores Are Saying Pish to Posh’s New Clothing Line

Remember when Victoria Beckham started her dVb denim label and her jeans sat on the shelves because practically no one wanted to buy them? Well, the budding designer apparently doesn’t remember, because she’s moving forward with her so far disastrous fashion career and launching a men’s line.

And the seams, um, seem to be unraveling on that project, too…

According to the U.K.’s This Is London, stores just aren’t interested in Posh’s wares, considering the lackluster sales of her women’s denim:

“Victoria suffered another setback today as plans to launch a men’s line of her jeans collection were put on hold after retailers were unwilling to stock it.”

That’s bad news for our favorite designing fembot. It would’ve been fun to see Posh & Becks take another successful step toward total world domination. But you can’t blame the girl for trying. Again. Or can you?

What do you think? Should the former Spice Girl brush off the boos and keep creating couture—or stick to strictly wearing it?


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