Paris Hilton Sets Record Straight on Her Address

Paris Hilton is “clearing up rumors” on her blog again – this time, regarding her whereabouts.

The heiress targeted recent reports that she had moved into boyfriend Benji Madden’s neighborhood and that pal Nicole Richie was upset.

“SO NOT TRUE!” the hotel heiress, 27, declares on her MySpace celebrity blog. “I have my own home in a gated community in Beverly Hills.”

Hilton says she moved into the new house to avoid all the press.

“I was sick and tired of constant invasion of my private life,” she writes. “I feel so much happier and safer in my new home.”

This isn’t the first time Hilton has had to set the record straight. She used her blog a few weeks ago to debunk a rumor that she was denied a puppy at a pet store.

“I encourage my fans to ignore worthless stories like this,” she says. “There is too much going on in the world … to waste time reading lies.”

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