Kimora Lee Simmons And Daughters Make A Wish

Kimora Lee Simmons and her daughters Aoki,5 1/2, and Ming Lee Simmons,8, attended a luncheon with children from the Make-A-Wish Foundation at the American Girl Place on July 16, 2008 in New York City.

In a recent interview with AllThatsFab,Kimora speaks on the father of her kids,Russell Simmons, and her new Fabulosity clothing line which will be sold exclusively at JcPenney.

Kimora on Divorce:

I couldn’t ask for a better father [for my kids]. I’ve been through a lot. I know that women everywhere especially with kids know what I’m saying and it’s difficult when you go through a little bit of a break up or situation in your family–and it’s helping me to find a supportive system and be able to work it out and move on and I think I’m doing that in style.

On her kids:

My kids always come first, they are always first. I guess it’s God thats first then it’s my kids, then my children.. soo I’m always working .I’m always on it’s 24 hrs a day and then I’m a designer.

Does Russell help you with the kids?:

We help each other with everything now he’s very supportive.

How does Fabulosity differ from BabyPhat?:

I did approach it differently. It’s just that it’s–it’s a different price point. Similiar enough–bright colors, a lot of fun, a lot of tailoring, a lot of school girl looks, a lot of trends I’ve embraced, the preppy, the school girl, sporty chique. So we have a lot of varieties, and it’s quite different.

The prices and age group are a little lower even though techniquely in this line I wear a lot of, well You’ll See!! When you see these girls on the runway you’re gonna know Kimora did that because I could wear them and there are certain things my kids would wear, there are certain things my kids wouldn’t wear! There are certain things I’d wear, there are certain things I wouldn’t wear! So it’s a very diverse line it’s very mix & matchable.

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