EXCLUSIVE: Ronaldo takes brunette actress back to his Hollywood hotel room at 2am

Newly single Cristiano Ronaldo took a glamorous actress back to his hotel suite after a night out on the town in Hollywood.

The Manchester United star let his hair down at trendy bar Nineteen 12 – located inside the luxury Beverly Hills Hotel – in the early hours of Friday morning LA time.

After a fun evening with friends and plenty of vodka cocktails, he was set up with a pretty brunette by his manager.

Flirting: Ronaldo, here with two female admirers in his hotel pool yesterday, has been enjoying the single life in LA

Golden boy: Newly single Cristiano soaks up the sun

The pair retreated to his room shortly after 2am, MailOnline has learned.

A source said: ‘Cristiano’s agent didn’t want him spend the night alone, so he set him up with a beautiful brunette who was hanging around the bar at the end of the evening.

‘Cristiano didn’t waste any time. After a couple of drinks, her took her up to his room.’

Ronaldo – who is still on crutches as he recuperates from an ankle operation – had been drinking White Russian and vodka pineapple cocktails.

Earlier in the evening he had dinner at trendy restaurant Madeo with friends and another prospective blind date.

The source said: ‘He decided he wanted to meet a lady tonight. He said it was his ‘mission’ to find a nice pretty American girl.’


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