Ban Amy from seeing my Blake or they’ll both die, begs Fielder Civil’s mother in extraordinary plea to judge

Amy Winehouse’s jailed husband could finally be free tomorrow – but his desperate parents reportedly want him banned from seeing his troubled wife.

In an extraordinary move, Giles and Georgette Civil have apparently written to a crown court judge, pleading for him to order Blake to stay at the family home.

The 26-year-old is due to be sentenced for helping beat up a pub landlord and then offering him a £200,000 bribe to buy his silence.

Troubled couple: Blake Fielder Civil (right) could be released from jail tomorrow but his parents want him kept away from his wife Amy Winehouse

After being behind bars for several months, it is expected he could walk free from court

In an emotional  interview with The News of the World, Mrs Civil, 45, said: ‘Amy thinks Blake will be freed on Monday but it’s not good news.

‘I’m absolutely dreading it because I don’t want him to go straight back to Amy.

‘If he goes it could be a death sentence for the two of them.

‘Blake thinks he’s going to be Amy’s saviour and has every intention to try to stop the drugs.

‘But Amy is completely unstable.

‘Blake is a recovering addict and he’s not strong enough to resist the temptation.

‘If they are reunited, I know they will be back on drugs within days.

‘The dealers will swarm round Blake and Amy.

‘They are meal tickets for the dealers.

At war: Blake’s mother Georgette Civil claims that Amy is a bad influence and her son could die if he goes back to live with his wife

‘Then the police will get called, Blake will be arrested and sent back to prison.

‘I also fear that if Blake and Amy lock themselves in a hotel room there is a real danger they will take a drugs overdose.

‘Giving him and Amy another chance is like putting a gun to Blake’s head while playing Russian roulette.

‘Once he is with Amy, he won’t even be allowed to take my phone calls.

‘I will have lost him to drugs. 

‘I believe Amy would rather die with Blake than not have him.

‘I don’t want my son to die with her or without her but I fear Amy will whisk Blake away from us and we won’t get him back.’

The family want Blake to stay with them at their Lincolnshire home away from the drug-fuelled excesses of his wife’s London lifestyle.

‘I want Blake free but I want him in an environment that is safe – without Amy,’ she said.

‘We want the judge to send Blake home to be with his parents, brothers and grandparents.

‘I know if he goes home to me instead of her, Amy will go berserk.

‘But what she needs is tough love.

‘Amy should get herself back into rehab and stay there as long as is necessary to get her off drugs.

‘She needs to prove that she loves him enough to stop.

‘Then, once they are both free, they can have a life together.’

Blake pleaded guilty to causing James King grievous bodily harm in June, 2006, and then perverting the course of justice in November last year.

The court heard how he had attempted to bribe his victim, telling him the £200,000 pay-off would not only buy his silence but pay for him to quietly disappear abroad and stay there until the trial had been abandoned.

But the plot backfired when middle men Anthony Kelly and James Kennedy contacted a national newspaper.

Michael Brown, 25, from Carshalton, Surrey, admitted the same charges.

Kelly, also 25, of Chalk Farm, north London, and Kennedy, 19, who lives in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice.

Fielder-Civil’s 36-year-old victim, who suffered a fractured cheekbone in the attack, faced the same charge until he explained to jurors an ‘intimidating’ Kelly left him ‘no option’ but withdraw his evidence and save his attackers from jail.

During her husband’s incarceration, Amy has veered from one car crash moment to the next.

But despite her chaotic lifestyle and shambolic performances, she has continued to pledge her love for Blake.

Amy’s father Mitch, 57, continued to insist it was in Blake who was responsible for leading his daughter astray.

‘Everyone knows that – apart from Blake’s mum and dad.’


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