From hideous to ridiculous, Jodie Marsh tops her wardrobe shocker TWICE in one day

We didn’t think Jodie Marsh could top the shocking silver and black spandex outfit she bulged out of at Thursday’s Big Brother party.

But she’s done it twice the very next day.

To say the glamour model left little to the imagination as she left the Valbone studio with her boyfriend in the early hours would be an understatement.

The 29-year-old bared virtually all in a gold holter neck item that thankfully clung tightly around her hips to shield her remaining modesty.

What do you call that?! Jodie Marsh turns heads as she struts her stuff outside Valbone studio in a tiny gold garment and killer silver heels

And oops, she did it again in the morning.

The Essex-born girl dressed up in a pair of shiny gold skin-tight leggings, black  knee-high boots and The Clash vest for a casual walk in Camden Town.

She clearly enjoyed the attention of some local builders, who wanted to be pictured with her as she strutted down the street, fully made-up.

Enjoying the attention: Jodie’s skin-tight gold leggings and knee-high black boots couldn’t fail to please the builders


4 Responses to “From hideous to ridiculous, Jodie Marsh tops her wardrobe shocker TWICE in one day”

  1. Fixed Gear Says:

    HOT girl! Horrible style.

  2. bella Says:

    I agrre horrible style

  3. jessica Says:

    where do you get those exact leggings??

  4. mnb44 Says:

    jodie marsh is such a hot nasty bad girl. she’s so sexy. i luv her style.

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