Amy Winehouse’s Husband to Stay in Jail

Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder-Civil will stay in jail until Christmas, a London judge ruled Monday.

Fielder-Civil received a 27-month sentence after pleading guilty June 5 to charges of assault and perverting the course of justice. Prisoners serve half their sentences, and Fielder-Civil has already served 254 days (about 9 months).

Blake’s lawyer Kate Anderson told reporters, “We are disappointed with the length of the sentence and are giving serious consideration to an appeal.”

Winehouse was not in London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court during the ruling, but his mother, Georgette Civil, was. As her son was about to be sentenced, she buried her head in her hands.

“Don’t worry,” he mouthed to her across the court.

At first, his mother let out a gasp of joy – and Fielder-Civil hugged his co-defendant Michael Brown – when they mistakenly thought the judge was releasing him to a private drug treatment program, as his lawyer had suggested. They were crestfallen when the judge went on to sentence him to further time in jail.

“You behaved in a gratuitous, cowardly and disgraceful way,” Judge David Radford told Fielder-Civil.

“I think he got the maximum,” Georgette Civil told reporters afterward. “I can’t even talk about it.” Earlier, she was heard crying to a friend: “He’s not going to be out until December.”

Fielder-Civil’s best friend Sophie Schandorff sobbed as she paced outside the court, speaking on her mobile phone.

When Fielder-Civil is released in December, Winehouse will be waiting for him – at least according to Fielder-Civil’s other lawyer, Jeremy Dein.

“It is their ambition to divorce themselves from hard drugs and not separate from each other,” Dein told the court. He argued that Fielder-Civil had committed his crimes in a state “befuddled by drugs and alcohol” and that he’d taken cocaine and was “drinking heavily.” Dein recommended that his client be released and sent to a private drug treatment program, but the judge pointed out that treatment would still be an option upon release.)

Fielder-Civil wants to stay off drugs and “be a role model for Miss Winehouse,” Dein said. “He knows that if he fails, then an appointment with calamity waits not just for himself but for his wife. It will be impossible for her to alienate herself from drugs if he continues to befriend them.”


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