Usher’s Wife: Usher Jr. Is a “Hyper Baby”

Usher’s son may only be about seven months old, but he’s already a handful!

“He’s like hyper baby — he’s crawling so fast!” mom Tameka Foster told at the 2008 HollyRod Foundation 10th Annual DesignCare Fundraiser over the weekend.

“He stands up, and he’s walking around the table … it’s amazing to watch him,” added Foster, 38. “I’ve never seen a baby crawl so fast! I call him Dash, like on the Incredibles!”

While Foster called motherhood “wonderful,” she said “every day is a new challenge with him.

“We’re just scared because the baby knows how to get off the bed already, so our bed is like a gigantic crib because we have rails.

“It’s hilarious!” Foster added. “Can you imagine a king-size crib?”

Even though Foster and Usher, 29, who wed in Atlanta last August (see more celebrity wedding photos), have their hands full, they’d like to expand their brood.

“I’d love to have more, we just gotta make the time,” Foster said.

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8 Responses to “Usher’s Wife: Usher Jr. Is a “Hyper Baby””

  1. Tamesha Davis Says:

    I love USHER and your baby is a cutie

  2. Tamesha Davis Says:

    I would love to meet yall

  3. Tamesha Davis Says:

    happy b day (October 14, 1978)

  4. Tamesha Davis Says:

    o one more thing about your son he looks like my baby cousin (DeMeechi

  5. Jordan Johnson Says:

    i love u usher!! ur baby is a cutie he is going to be a mini usher!!

  6. Schwana.C Says:

    I love yu usher n yo see that you hav handsome baby itz wonderful i adore you

  7. yabsra Says:

    usher i like ur song i reaily love ur family love u gays.

  8. angelina Says:

    wilow looks just like her brother
    lady gagas swimsuit is awsome
    i love chics shoes
    balenciaga springs outfit is so cute

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