Meet the sly fox who popped into the bathroom for a quick wash and brush up

Perhaps he felt the need to spruce himself up after a hard night scavenging around town.

Or maybe he decided to go to earth in the inviting pile of soft clean towels.

For whatever reason, this fox cub managed to end up inside Alan and Carol Heard’s bathroom at six o’clock in the morning.

Mrs Heard was in bed when she heard scratching and went to investigate, thinking her cats were having one of their regular squabbles.

Uninvited guest: The fox made a surprise visit in the bathroom of Alan and Carol Heard

Instead, she found Basil Brush Junior perched on the window ledge staring at her.

‘Some towels had been strewn around the floor, but aside from that the fox did no damage and made no mess,’ said Mrs Heard, 64, from Ilford, Essex.

‘He was good-natured and appeared very nervous.’

Mrs Heard had the presence of mind to take a picture of the intruder, which probably got in through the cat flap, before calling for her husband.

Mr Heard, 72, scooped up the cub in his arms and took it out to the garden where it disappeared into the undergrowth.

Before it departed, however, it took a last backwards glance. ‘It was as if he was saying goodbye,’ said Mrs Heard.

The couple have often seen foxes in the neighbourhood but none quite as brazen as this nocturnal visitor.

Carol and Alan Heard were shocked their uninvited guest got in through their cat flap


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