Rapper Snoop Dogg under fire for ‘culturally insensitive’ Bollywood video

Rapper Snoop Dogg has come under fire for being ‘culturally insensitive’ by dressing up as a Sikh in his new music video.

The Los Angeles-based Snoop – real name Calvin Broadus – teamed up with Bollywood star Akshay Kumar for the video for his song Singh is Kinng, taken from the upcoming film of the same name.

And, according to The Times, some people haven’t taken too kindly to the hip-hop veteran wearing the traditional Sikh outfit off a sherwani and a turban.

Indian actor Akshay Kumar (l) and Snoop Dogg in the video for Singh is Kinng. Snoop’s Bollywood incarnation was Kumar’s idea

However, it was Kumar’s idea to dress the rapper up as a Sikh so he looked the part in the video, which cost £240,000 to make.

Singh is Kinng’s producer Vipul Shah said: ‘It’s true the contract said everything in the shoot, including the clothes were to be done by Snoop Dogg’s crew.

‘But Akshay decided to shop for his own clothes. And he persuaded Snoop Dogg to accompany him.

‘They bought themselves a sherwani and a turban each. Plus a whole lot of accessories that you’ll see them sporting in the song.

‘Akshay persuaded Snoop to dress up like a Sardarji (male Sikh) for the song. The rapper sportingly agreed although he’s known to never go beyond his contract.’

Currying favour: Snoop poses during the video for Singh is Kinng

Cultural exchange: Bollywood star Akshay Kumar sees things Snoop’s way


One Response to “Rapper Snoop Dogg under fire for ‘culturally insensitive’ Bollywood video”

  1. Gökhan Says:

    i like Snoop Dogg.But is Akshay kumay is a rapper?

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