LIL Wayne And Daughter Regginae

“Rapper Lil Wayne a.k.a Dwayne Carter JR is pictured with his 8 -year-old daughter Regginae.
She’s 8 years old. She’s extremely bright and talented, just like her Daddy. She’s perceptive and attentive. She’s a very smart little girl. And I only can protect her from so much.


16 Responses to “LIL Wayne And Daughter Regginae”

  1. Irma Says:

    Yo lil Wayne’s daughter is so beutiful. She has such a cute smile to, like her dad! She’s gonna be a show stopper when she’s older. Weezy better keep an eye on her cuz she’ll be having a line of boy’s waiting to get with her, just watch!

  2. mizzpopular01 Says:

    I feel bad for her, like about the stupid Lil’ Wayne dead rumors. I wonder is she’s heard the dumb rumors about Lil’ Wayne being dead. She probably has. I mean like, if I was a famous persons child I would be mad and sad that someone can make up a dumb lie, get serious about it, and spread almost everywhere! :l

  3. QUEEN JESS Says:


  4. laurence Says:

    lil wayne i love your music.iam a real fan of you and your daughter is just fabulous on this picture.i love you and keep doing good music!

  5. christopher usher Says:

    very cute like father like daughter

  6. LiL B Says:

    I think Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive and his daughter looks so cute on this picture. I’m sure, that she is very good at school and singing and I wish her the best on her way!

    Lg Lil B

  7. keri Says:

    Lil Wayne’s daughter is so pretty just like him. Lil Wayne is da best rapper alive. He is so HOT and SEXY. Weezy keep up da gud work babe

  8. sweetypie Says:

    she is very beautiful and bright just like her dad who is so hoooooooooot!!

  9. she's badd Says:

    Awww she is really beatiful and gorgeuos juz like her farther who is drop dead sexy but she gonna be a show stopper you got yo handz full lol

  10. markia deserah Says:

    i just have to say you lil wayne maybe talented as a rapper but until you use your talent to rap about things other than sex,drugs,money and being tough i don’t see how you will be able to set an example for your daughter. yes i am a woman and i feel most of your so called ”songs” are very offensive not only to me but to all other youngs girls and women alike

  11. miimichael Says:

    how i wish i could date that child of yours lilwayne the child is so beautiful like my mom, best wishes to dad and daugther.

  12. shamira chappell Says:

    you n your daughter look just alike babez

  13. jazmine Says:

    Yo daughter is so pretty betta watch out and lil wayne is fine as hell sexy!

  14. lakia Says:

    hey wayne does go hard he is so sexy and regginae is so beautiful. keep an eye out for her or else like father like daughter. lol!

  15. Razzy Says:

    i feel she is very lucky to have a father like Lil Wayne a.k.a Dwayne Carter JR

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