Ice Cube Reps For ‘Mature’ Fans; Young Jeezy Raves About Nas’ ‘My President Is Black’

“The only rapper who wanna fistfight the president.” Ice Cube is still militant and down for whatever. His bravado is turned up to 10, and his ego has him feeling as confident as ever. Still, Cube wants to show his fans the power of street knowledge. It’s all there in his new LP Raw Footage.

“People look over the old heads — basically, the fans who are over 25,” Cube said of the folks he’s trying to reach with August 19 release. “People look over them, I don’t. That’s my wheelhouse. My true fans are probably 10 years younger than me, 10 years older than me. That world doesn’t buy a lot of records now, but it’s my job to get them to check for what I’m doing.

“My record is catering towards the mature hip-hop fan,” he added. “The kids might be able to get with it, but it ain’t just playing, it ain’t just partying — it’s reality. To me, this album, Raw Footage, is a real spiritual record. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned God on as many records as I do on Raw Footage. But it’s a lot that needs to be said. It’s an instructional record too. Hopefully some of these people can sidestep some of these pitfalls out there once they hear Raw Footage.”

Cube is going on domestic and international promo runs during the next few weeks and said he’d be open to doing a major tour with people such as Young Jeezy, Snoop Dogg, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. There will definitely be more albums in the years to come.

“Going independent in 2006 really re-energized me. It rejuvenated me [and] my feelings for the game,” he said. “Being on [major] record labels is for the birds. It sucks all your energy out. Because the good ideas you come up with, a lot of times they don’t wanna do it. Especially on the promotional tip. They follow these same ancient formulas to sell a record. You gotta be creative in 2008 to sell a record. That’s the first thing. When I started doing it independent, it gave me my swagger back and made me feel like I was doing hip-hop and not just doing records for somebody. I just went back to the essence and stopped worrying about the hip-hop fans and started worrying about Ice Cube fans.”


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