Samantha Slams Lindsay’s Dad

Samantha Ronson has trashed reports that she’s planning to write a tell-all about Lindsay Lohan. And she’s lashing out at the actress’s dad, Michael, for his recent comments on their relationship.

“I am not the reason that he has no contact with his daughter – he is,” she writes on her MySpace page. She adds that the Lohan patriarch is “so desperate for attention that he goes to the media whenever possible.”

The rant follows Michael recent disses in the press. “Samantha is using my daughter,” he told E! News, as reports swirled that Ronson was planning a memoir. “People never even knew who Samantha Ronson was until she met Lindsay. She was just some Los Angeles DJ. And now she’s writing a book?”

But Ronson swears she has no plans to pen an autobiography. “There is not now and never will be a tell-all … written by me,” she says archly. She then pointedly adds, “When does your book come out Mr. Lohan?”

As for Lindsay, she seems to be similarly fed up with her father’s loose lips.

“He’s out of control,” the actress told Access Hollywood from the set of Ugly Betty, where she’s filming several guest appearances. “I want him to stop … talking to the media about the people I love.”

In the end, Ronson said she has not interest in mud-slinging. “I feel no need to publicly defend my role in Lindsay’s life,” the DJ writes. “I’m just sorry that [Lindsay] likes me more than him.”


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