Lindsay Lohan ‘Healthy’ and Doing Great

While filming Labor Pains with Lindsay Lohan, there were two constant presences, one a lot more welcome than the other – Lohan’s pal Samantha Ronson and the paparazzi, according to the film’s costar Bonnie Somerville.

“She was there a lot,” Somerville says of Ronson. “They seem happy. “I think as long as they’re happy, who cares?”

Which may have something to do with the turnaround in Lohan’s once-turbulent life.

“The girl is doing great,” Somerville tells Hollyscoop. “She’s working and she’s healthy.”

And back to her old acting form. “She’s so good in this movie,” Somerville, 33, says. “She’s really funny.”

The fine performance came despite the always lurking paparazzi, which didn’t disrupt shooting, but made Somerville appreciate what her photo-magnet costar faces regularly.

“There was a lot,” she says, “they never interrupted a scene. There’s a lot of security, but it’s pretty unbelievable what she goes through. I feel bad for her, its never happened to me. They are ruthless.”


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