Sarah Palin Calls Controversy Over Wardrobe ‘Ridiculous’

To hear Sarah Palin tell it, she is the last person yearning to be on the best-dressed list.

The Republican vice presidential nominee tells Entertainment Tonight that the controversy over the GOP spending $150,000 on her campaign wardrobe is “absolutely ridiculous.”

In a two-part interview with ET’s Mary Hart airing Thursday and Friday, Palin says “There is a kind of this double-standard that’s going on. I don’t hear the guys being talked about their wardrobe.”

In fact, life on the campaign trail has been full of surprises, says Palin.

“I had not expected that our kids would be a target, and that there would be kind of a double-standard, with some suggestions of some sexism even,” said Palin, who added that she didn’t expect to be scrutinized because of her gender.

But she said she doesn’t take it personally. “I’m not going to complain about that because if my skin isn’t thick enough to handle that today as a candidate then I shouldn’t even be running for vice president.”

Despite the challenges, Palin says her kids are “having a ball” on the campaign trail – especially Piper, 7.

But husband Todd looks forward to a little more alone time in the near future. Read the rest of this entry »


Gwen Stefani Shows Off Baby Zuma!

Two months after giving birth, Gwen Stefani is showing off her newest bundle of joy: Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.

The singer, who was spotted with the newborn at a Beverly Hills library on Wednesday, posed with son Zuma in a photo taken by her father, Dennis, and posted on No Doubt’s Web site.

“Gwen, Gavin, Kingston and Zuma are all doing well and enjoying being a party of four,” reads a message accompanying the photo.

Dad Gavin Rossdale recently told people that juggling two sons with wife Stefani hasn’t been too challenging.

“One is one, and two is 10. That’s all we know,” he joked. “[But] it’s not so bad. We’ve got it down now, you know.”

Older brother Kingston, however, is having a tougher time.

“It’s like, here is this guy, and he’s not leaving. [Kingston] is getting used to that,” Rossdale said. “Obviously, there are moments that he’s bugged out that someone is in his spot with his mom.”

source People mag

Hands On For Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera – who recently debuted the video for her single “Keeps Gettin’ Better” – stays warm with a hot beverage and keeps on moving with husband Jordan Bratman during a dreary Tuesday in New York City.

Denzel Washington and David Beckham

Denzel Washington and David Beckham share laughs courtside Tuesday at the Los Angeles Lakers opening-night game in L.A. The friendly pair watched the Lakers trump the Portland Trail Blazers, 96-76.

Gwen Stefani: BABY’S DAY OUT

Gwen Stefani has an adorable companion in 2-month-old son Zuma during a mother-son outing at a Beverly Hills library on Wednesday. The pop star welcomed her son, whose name was likely inspired by the singer’s favorite beach, in August.

Lil Wayne Gives a Hand in the Delivery Room

Last week, when Lil Wayne, 26, became a father for the second time to baby boy Dwayne Michael Carter III, at Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, he wasn’t handing out cigars in the waiting room. He was right there in the delivery room.

“I delivered him. I held the left leg the whole time,” Wayne said Tuesday night at Power 105.1’s Powerhouse concert. “It was nasty, very nasty, but it was wonderful. Oct. 22, 9:25 a.m., 7 lbs., 12 oz. He’s the best thing to ever happen to me, next to my daughter.”

Lil Wayne’s first child, 8-year-old Reginae Carter, belongs to Wayne and his high school sweetheart Antonia “Toya” Johnson.

The identity of the newborn’s mother remains private.

Zac to Ellen: I Modeled My Hair After You

Zac Efron sports one stylish hairdo – but what inspired it?

“I actually modeled it [after] Ellen season 2,” Efron tells Ellen DeGeneres during an interview scheduled to air Thursday.

“Smart,” retorts DeGeneres. “So you’re copying me?”

“I am in fact,” Efron tells the talk show host.

And the two don’t stray far from the subject of the High School Musical 3: Senior Year star’s trendy look. In fact, DeGeneres confesses that she talked about his hair with Efron’s girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens recently.

“Vanessa was here a few days ago and she said she actually prefers it slicked back more with stuff in it,” she says. “But then it’s hard for her to put her hands in your hair because it’s to full of stuff. She prefers it slicked back just to let you know.”

DeGeneres also offers her haircutting services – after Efron admits his windswept style is partially “derived from laziness.” Pulling out a clipper, the talk show host consults with the actor’s mother – who is in the audience – then offers to trim Efron’s mane.

“Do you want to take a little off the back?” he asks. “It’s a little long actually.”

“No, there’s no blade in it,” DeGeneres retorts. “It was just to scare you. It’s Halloween and I like to scare people.”