What’s Michael Jackson Got in the Bag?

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, stopped at a Robertson Boulevard boutique to shop, but for what?

Put your guesses below!

And if you want to know where else Jacko spent his day, read on…

He was at Off the Wall, the West Hollywood antique store that bears the same name as his 1979 album. An inside source tells E! News that the rarely seen star bought a Pan Am aluminum cast model airplane.

The source says Michael was looking around at other items but only purchased the plane. “It was a little difficult because people were pounding on doors and windows…so he was in and out pretty quick,” an eyewitness tells E! News. “The paparazzi were in hot pursuit of him.”

Despite the chaos going on outside, the source said Michael didn’t seem worried. “He was great,” says the source.

As Jackson was exiting the store, another eyewitness tells E! News that paparazzi and fans were everywhere. “He came out and shielded himself with an umbrella at first,” says another eyewitness. “Once he got in his car, he cracked the window and reached out and started shaking people’s hands.”


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