X Factor boss Simon Cowell lends tearful Eoghan his private jet to fly home to see baby sister

Simon Cowell is lending X Factor favourite Eoghan Quigg his private jet to fly home to Ireland so he can see his new baby sister tomorrow.

The 16-year-old broke down in tears yesterday and was so upset he still hadn’t seen his mother Denise or his new baby sis Chrissie-Mia.

So TV’s Mr Nasty showed an altogether less nasty side by lining up his most prized possession for the young singer.

A friend of Eoghan revealed : ‘He is so emotional-over the new addition to his family. He is so close to his mum so it was breaking his heart that he couldn’t see her or his new baby sister.

eoghan-quigg simon-cowell
Is Simon Cowell trying to shed his Mr Nice Guy image? He has lent Eoghan Quigg his private jet so he can fly home to visit his mother and newborn baby

‘His mum sent him a picture text of Chrissie-Mia and he kept looking at it and was constantly crying in rehearsals yesterday. So his mentor Simon jumped to the rescue and organised his jet to take him home to Dungiven on Thursday.

‘It will be a flying visit, as Eoghan is in the middle of rehearsals for this Saturday’s show, but he is over the moon. Simon called him up personally with the surprise and that set poor Eoghan off again, but this time they were tears of joy.’

Denise Quigg, 38, gave birth to Chrissie-Mia five days ago and is already planning her next trip to see her son perform in the X Factor with the tot in tow in two weeks’ time.

The proud mother said: ‘I rang Eoghan from the hospital to tell him the baby was born  –  he was nearly in tears.’

The kid sure does cry a lot, doesn’t he?


Heading home: Simon and Eoghan on last Saturday’s Mariah Carey week show

Via Dailymail


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