Tyra Banks Talk Show Not Immune to These Economic Times


Tyra Banks has (theoretically) lent her shoulders to many a teary eye and lost soul. But where does she turn when her well-weaved veneer catches a snag? The economy has dealt her ample empire no small blow. Her talk show has been in syndication for four seasons, but starting in September, it will air only on the CW in the afternoons. Also, Tyra’s production schedule has been slashed from 34 to 26 weeks. TV stations were forced to cut costs and thus eliminate Tyra. Could this mean station executives were more touched and inspired by Dr. Phil’s weird molestation segments and Ellen’s dry humor than Tyra’s self-congratulatory betterment of womankind? Ironic that she who continually asks if “you wanna be on top” is not “on top” herself. Reuters reports The Tyra Banks Show’s ratings are off 9 percent from a year ago. And Stylista, which she’s producing, has gotten far from rave reviews. But then again, being “on top” never meant much in Tyra’s world, as evidenced by all the “Top Models” who disappeared after their Seventeen covers. The CW seems to embrace this interpretation of being “on top.” Reuters reports that they’re “close to renewing” Tyra’s contract for a thirteenth cycle of ANTM.


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