Stop stealing my thunder, says Jennifer as she quashes those never-ending baby rumours

He’s cute, cuddly and certainly the apple of Jennifer Aniston’s eye. But this furry little bundle of joy is the closest thing to a baby the actress will get her hands on for a while.

And while she admits she would love to become a mother soon, the 39-year-old said it was time to put a stop to all the pregnancy announcements.

Aniston, who appears on the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly, is currently promoting her latest film Marely and Me, starring Owen Wilson and an unruly Labrador retriever.

Jennifer Aniston, pictured with a furry friend, said she has had enough of constant speculation about her expecting children

jennifer_anistonThe 39-year-old has used the interview to hit out at constant speculation that she’s expecting.

Aniston, who is currently dating rocker John Mayer, revealed she is ready to become a mother.

But she said she feared all the excitement will be negated by the constant baby talk and announcements of her supposed pregnancies.

‘It’s going to take away the fun of being able to say “I’m pregnant’,’ the former Friends star revealed in an interview with Entertainment Weekly magazine.

‘Everyone will be like, “Yeah, right.” It’s the boy who cried wolf. Stop stealing my thunder, mother f*****!’

‘I feel like that’s (pregnancy) in my future and I’m on the verge of it in some way.’

Marley and Me is Aniston’s first film since the release of The Break Up, co-starring Vince Vaughn, in 2006.

Based on an adaptation of writer John Grogan’s best-selling memoir, Marley and Me follows the story of a young couple enjoying the ordinary aspects of life.

‘It’s a very honest portrayal of a marriage,’ Aniston said.


Ready to be a mother: Jennifer and John Mayer have dinner together at The Sunset Towers in Hollywood this week



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