Amy Winehouse ‘devastated’ after thieves raid her London home


Thieves broke into singer Amy Winehouse’s flat while she was on holiday in St Lucia, police confirmed today.

The padlocked front door of her Camden flat was kicked in and £15,000 worth of guitars and music recording equipment was taken in the raid.

Her spokesperson said she was ‘disappointed’ by the loss but ‘relieved’ that she had her favourite guitar with her on the Caribbean island.

Police secured the flat and carried out forensic tests. A spokesman said: ‘No arrests have been made.’  Read More


Russell & Kimora Lee Simmons’ Divorce Finalized


Rap mogul Russell Simmons and his ex-wife Kimora Lee Simmons are both free to wed again after a court in New York signed off on their divorce.

Baby Phat designer Kimora Lee obtained sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s two young daughters, Ming and Aoki, last year. Russell has visitation with the girls for one week every eighth week, with additional summer vacation and holiday time.

Kimora Lee and her new boyfriend, actor Djimon Hounsou, are expecting their first child together. Def Jam co-founder Simmons has been linked to model Porschla Coleman.

Chat Show Queen Oprah Piles On The Pounds After Vowing To Lose Weight


Despite vowing to drop the pounds, Oprah Winfrey now appears to have put on weight.

The chat show host recently confessed that her weight was making her miserable and hailed 2009 as the ‘year of hopefulness’.

But judging by these pictures, Oprah still has her work cut out for her.


How good-looking is my wife? Suave Obama and stunning Michelle dance the night away with galaxy of stars


First dance: Barack and Michelle Obama take to the floor at the Neighbourhood Ball, their first stop of the evening

It was the day he was sworn in as the first black president of the United States.

But despite being the man at the centre of an extraordinary day which made history, there was only one thing on Barack Obama
’s mind.

As the new President and his wife sashayed onstage for the first of no less than ten inaugural balls, he turned to the crowd to ask: ‘First of all, how good-looking is my wife?’


Signed, sealed, delivered: The couple at the Commander-in-Chief Inaugural Ball at the National Building Museum in Washington

Guests at the Neighbourhood Ball responded with a huge cheer while Michelle, who stood shimmering in an off-white, one-shouldered floor-length couture gown, only smiled.

Her dress was embellished from top to bottom with white floral details and was made by designer Jason Wu, 26, who has only been working in fashion for three years.

She appeared as effortlessly elegant as always and stood patiently to one side while her husband, dressed in a black tuxedo with white tie, spoke to the people who had made him President.

Today the new Commander-in-Chief will get down to the business of remaking America.  source

Congratulations, Mr President! Two million watch Obama take the oath as America’s first black commander-in-chief


Barack Obama made history this afternoon as he was sworn in as America’s first black president.

Over a million watching people crammed into the streets of Washington – with over a billion watching on television around the world – as the 47-year-old junior senator from Chicago became the most powerful man in the world.

His wife Michelle and two daughters Sasha and Malia watched as Mr Obama made the famous inauguration pledge to take over the White House from George Bush. Source

The First Lady’s first dress Michelle Obama chooses a pale gold classic shift by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo


The eyes of the world were on Barack Obama as he was sworn in as President of the United States today, but while they may have been listening with rapt attention to his inaugural speech, wife Michelle also found herself in the spotlight.

As future First Lady taking her place on the world stage next to her husband, Michelle was aware that some of the focus would fall on her – and her fashion choice.

And now we can report that the woman who looks as effortlessly stylish in a chain store dress as she does in a catwalk creation has chosen a pale gold dress by Cuban-American designer Isabel Toledo for the first leg of inauguration day.  Source

Now I look in the mirror and see a cancer victim: Jade opens up about being bald


JADE Goody is scared. Not of the cancer that stalks her, not of the pain that gnaws incessantly at her bones, not of the people staring at her as we walk through the hotel lobby.

She’s scared because she’s about to reveal to the world what cancer has done to her. Jade is bald and she’s exhausted trying to hide it.

jade5Now she wants people to see the ravages of this cruel disease because she says it will help her—and it will prepare them.

“My whole life I’ve had to laugh at myself before other people do. I’ve had to deal with stuff that other people have never had to deal with. It’s better that I say bad things about me before others do.

“And that’s why I’m doing this now. I know people will say, ‘Why is she whacking her bald head out in a newspaper?’

“But I’d rather people see it first and then have their reaction away from me—in their homes or at their breakfast tables—and not in front of me. Because that would be too hard—for me AND them.

“There’s going to come a time soon when I take off my headscarf and I don’t want to walk into Tesco’s or wherever and have people staring at me with their mouths open.

“And yes, maybe it’s easier for me to do something like this because I’ve lived my life in the public eye. It’s what I do. But I actually AM sensitive. I AM human and I want to get this over with.”

And so she does. She tears off the emerald green scarf wound around her head—and I’m choked by how beautiful she is, how serene she looks, how vulnerable.