Victoria Beckham strips for Armani underwear shoot


Laid bare: Victoria Beckham lays sprawled on a carpeted floor in the film-noir style lingerie shoot for Armani lingerie

Victoria Beckham reveals the sizzling results of her first lingerie shoot for designer Giorgio Armani.

After being persuaded by Italian fashion boss Giorgio Armani to pose in the series of adverts, the 34-year-old reveals her enviable figure in a polka-dot bra and high-cut thong set which leave little to the imagination.

The mother-of-three has complained in the past that she looks ‘really awful naked’.

But her lack of confidence is not evident as she sprawls langorously on the carpet of a dimly-lit hotel room in the film-noir style shoot.

Looking highly-toned, and without an inch of fat on her slim frame, Victoria even shows off what looks like a six-pack in the highly-stylised photos.

Of course, with so many talented airbrushers about, many will suspect there has been some tampering in the Armani picture studio – especially seeing as she has previously spoken of the toll pregnancy has taken on her shape.

‘There are loads of things I don’t like about my body’, she said. ‘I’ve got so much saggy skin on my stomach.’

The pictures of Victoria, which will grace billboards and magazines are from her first shoot in the three-year multi-million pound deal.  Read More


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