Now I look in the mirror and see a cancer victim: Jade opens up about being bald


JADE Goody is scared. Not of the cancer that stalks her, not of the pain that gnaws incessantly at her bones, not of the people staring at her as we walk through the hotel lobby.

She’s scared because she’s about to reveal to the world what cancer has done to her. Jade is bald and she’s exhausted trying to hide it.

jade5Now she wants people to see the ravages of this cruel disease because she says it will help her—and it will prepare them.

“My whole life I’ve had to laugh at myself before other people do. I’ve had to deal with stuff that other people have never had to deal with. It’s better that I say bad things about me before others do.

“And that’s why I’m doing this now. I know people will say, ‘Why is she whacking her bald head out in a newspaper?’

“But I’d rather people see it first and then have their reaction away from me—in their homes or at their breakfast tables—and not in front of me. Because that would be too hard—for me AND them.

“There’s going to come a time soon when I take off my headscarf and I don’t want to walk into Tesco’s or wherever and have people staring at me with their mouths open.

“And yes, maybe it’s easier for me to do something like this because I’ve lived my life in the public eye. It’s what I do. But I actually AM sensitive. I AM human and I want to get this over with.”

And so she does. She tears off the emerald green scarf wound around her head—and I’m choked by how beautiful she is, how serene she looks, how vulnerable.



One Response to “Now I look in the mirror and see a cancer victim: Jade opens up about being bald”

  1. John Says:

    If I am ever staring at you it will be because you are beautiful bald. Absolutely beautiful.

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