Lily-Bo-Peep: A slimline Lily Allen bares backside in shocking blue costume for G-A-Y performance


As far as outfits go Lily Allen usually grabs the headlines. But her latest must take the biscuit for the most shocking.

The Smile singer bared her backside in a electric blue Little-Bo-Peep costume and stockings.


The outfit consisted of a frilly top, lacy knickers and matching blue stockings, coupled with a pair of towering beige platform heels.

Lily sends the crowd wild as she strips down to her Little-Bo-Peep outfit on stage

The sharp colours continued with the star donning bright pink lips and nails, contrasted by her dark long hair.

The cheeky number was in aid of her performance at G-A-Y but it didn’t stop the 23-year-old wearing it out for a night of celebrating at nightspot Bungalow 8.

Lily, who has played at G-A-Y once before, performed classics from Alright, Still as well as tracks from her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You.

And she lived up to her feisty reputation by returning to the stage for an encore dressed as Britney Spears to perform a cover of Womaniser.

The gesture was a dig at Britney who failed to perform live at G-A-Y in December.

Her performance at G-A-Y comes in the wake of an interview with the Gay Times in which she said she once kissed identical lesbian twins.


One Response to “Lily-Bo-Peep: A slimline Lily Allen bares backside in shocking blue costume for G-A-Y performance”

  1. l Says:

    wow, lily is super sexy

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