‘I cried while trying to shed my baby weight,’ admits Hollywood mother Jessica Alba


Like most Hollywood stars Jessica Alba quickly regained her figure after welcoming her first child last year, but the actress admits it didn’t come easily.

The 28-year-old, who’s daughter Honor was born in June, embarked on a vigorous weight loss
campaign for a Campari calendar shoot which was released in December.

“[The workouts] were horrible,’ she told the February edition of Elle magazine. ‘I cried. And I haven’t worked out since.’

But it seems her very best effort was not enough for tough Hollywood standards – photos leaked at the time showed an original shot of Jessica posing for Campari, and a slimmer, airbrushed final image.

Jessica also revealed that she resorted to a little wardrobe trickery to help slim down her waistline in the initial weeks after the birth.

She says: ‘I wore a girdle. Eight weeks after my girlfriend had her baby, you could see her six-pack. She told me to put an elastic band around my waist – any kind of band or girdle works.’  Source


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