Disney to feature its first black princess… but critics complain as she falls in love with a WHITE prince


Disney’s first black princess, Princess Tiana – and the ‘white’ Prince Naveen

Move over Snow White. Make room for Disney’s first black princess.

With America’s first African-American president in the White House, Disney is counting on an African-American princess to be a big hit in Hollywood.

But even though The Princess and the Frog isn’t released until later this year, it is already stirring up controversy.

For while Princess Tiana and many in the cartoon cast are black – the prince is not.

Which has led some critics to complain that Disney has ducked the opportunity for a fairytale ending for a black prince and princess.

While some have hailed Disney’s decision as a reflection of melting pot America, others say the company is sending out a mixed message.

Although the black princess’s love interest in the new animated musical is called Prince Naveen of Maldonia and is voiced by a Brazilian actor, he looks more white than black in photographs from the film that Disney have released.

Since Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in 1937, all of Disney’s princesses have predominantly been white.

A native Indian princess was featured in Pocahontas and Jasmine in Aladdin had a Middle Eastern appearance.

Princess Tiana in a scene from film, based on the tale of The Frog Prince

The race row hasn’t yet hit the mainstream because the film’s release date isn’t until late in the year, but Internet chat rooms and blogs have been abuzz with complaints.

One disappointed fan wrote (sic): ‘I think it’s sad that he is white because its saying that black love isn’t good enough and that black men could never be princes.

‘Disney had the perfect chance to make its first black prince, but instead it decided to go the controversial route.’

Another complained (sic): ‘I am very disappointed and I wished Disney had made the prince black,(and the ironic thing is the prince in the movie is white but the evil voodoo villain is voiced by a black actor and is black).’

Since announcing their plans for the first black princess in 2006 the production of Hollywood studio’s 49th animated film has been dogged by racial controversy.

Originally called The Frog Princess, its heroine was to be a chambermaid called Maddy working for a spoilt white debutante in 1920s New Orleans.

But the storyline sparked a backlash from critics who claimed it reinforced prejudice and demeaned black people.

The princess’s original name was perceived by some to be a stereotypical ‘slave name’ and she was also a maid working for a wealthy white boss, which was criticised as being racially insensitive.

Even the New Orleans setting for the film was questioned as it had overtones of voodoo and slavery.

Disney has insisted its choice of a black princess was part of a policy to give characters as much diversity as possible.

As all princesses do, Tiana wishes upon a star in the film which is due for release later this year

In the past, founder Walt Disney has been accused of being racist, particularly against Jews and blacks.

One extreme example often cited by his critics was in The Jungle Book which was made in 1964 at the height of the civil rights movement.

In one scene, Mowgli is told he can’t live with Baloo the bear because different species need to keep to themselves.

Disney also ran into trouble when creating the character of Pocahontas in 1995 for the retelling of the encounter between an English settler and a Native American princess.

Animators were accused of modelling Pocahontas on model Naomi Campbell, although they said they had used Native American faces as their inspiration.

Tiana looks doubtful as Naveen – newly turned into a frog – puckers up

Anika Noni Rose, the black actress who voices the character of Princess Tiana, has insisted that people should look beyond the colour of the character.

‘Not only is she the first black princess, she’s the first American princess. We’ve never had an American princess,’ said Rose.

‘The scope and the significance is larger than people even realise,’ she added.

Rose has starred in Dreamgirls but is best known in Britain as the officious secretary Grace in the new BBC series The No 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

The film also features the voice of chat show queen Oprah Winfrey as Tiana’s mother called Eudora. The film is scheduled for release in December.

Although set in 1920s New Orleans it an adaptation of the classic tale The Frog Prince.

In the Disney version, Prince Naveen is turned into a frog by a voodoo magician and asks Princess Tiana to kiss him to break the spell.

But she turns into a frog and the pair must reverse the spell, while in true fairy tale tradition, they fall in love.

Nobody from Disney was available to comment tonight.

Mama Odie, the ‘good’ voodoo priestess of the bayou, from the film



60 Responses to “Disney to feature its first black princess… but critics complain as she falls in love with a WHITE prince”

  1. Valerie Says:

    If people want a black prince to fall in love with a black princess. Then the answer is simply make your own film. Do not expect Disney to do anything, because they are out to make a lot of money, business is business. We have
    e enough black billionaires, multi millionaires, but we are
    happy to go and see miserable black women, eg Norbert ab and the only
    black women who are suitable are light skinned ones.

    • Jaye Says:

      Valerie that is the most insensitive thing i have heard , their could never be enough successful blacks or whites, and just like Disney accommodates white people whats wrong with black people wanting the same thing. People are so selfish.

    • ana Says:

      i think that this prince is latin if you hear his acsent he sounds latin ….. he has the features of a litin prince

  2. Mekare Says:

    I am a black women and I TOTALLY support this movie. WHO CARES that the prince is not black. This movie will do wonders for black women in this country and that is ALL that counts. All of the losers that are crying about a non-black prince and jump off of a cliff. GOOD JOB DISNEY!

    • Tara G Says:

      Obviously you do not have children of your own to such a ridiculous statement such as you did! I am one of those people that have a problem with Disney not making the Prince African American, what message is this sending to our young people? I truly believe that yes, Disney did indeed drop the ball. Personally speaking, I believe that you could use a boost in your self esteem making such a childish comment about jumping off a cliff! Grow up and think before you speak.

      • Lakeisha Says:

        I think it sends a message that you can fall in love regardless of race. I want my African American daughter to be open to the possibility of love with someone who loves her as deeply as she loves him and I don’t care about his race. There have been several movies with black men as leading men and white or Hispanic women as their leading lady. It is okay to mix it up. I think there are a lot of black women who are sad and without love because they have shut down the possibility of dating outside their race. Isn’t the hold point of the movie to look at the inside and not the outside. Open your mind to the possibilities.

    • Drachea Rannak Says:

      I took the part of “jump of the cliff” with humor, but for the rest and the reply you put to Tara G, I LOVED YOU. I mean, some people rant about racism and their argument in on the first place, RACIST.
      I really appreciate your way to see things 🙂

    • keanna Says:

      for starters you dont know what you are talking about what do you mean this will do wonders for black women in this country????? i am an educated black woman and have an educated black husband. I would love for my kids to see a black prince and princess together it wont hurt .It can be happly ever after for black couples you go jump off a cliff

      • Gina Says:

        No one said black couples cannot be happy. I believe the woman was just trying to say race should not matter. It is the character of a person that young people should look at before anything else. Although, in a way let’s see if Disney will ever have a white princess with a black man.

  3. Vejiicakes Says:

    Disney’s animated feature films have certainly featured interracial couples before, but to date they’ve always been a white man with a woman of color (John and Pocahontas, Milo and Kida, Phoebus and Esmeralda). So that’s not controversially -new- ground for them or anything. Whereas I’m pretty sure “Princess & the Frog” will be the first time that -both- partners in an interracial romance were -minorities- of different ethnicities. That’s pretty exciting to me too.

    … I feel like I want to nitpick about Pocahontas technically being Disney’s first American princess (if one considers being the daughter of a chieftain “princess” status, and I do) but then it wasn’t really established as “America” in her time, at least in the same sense that it would’ve been in the 20th century, so I won’t 😛 (Naomi Campbell? Really? And I used to be struck by how much I thought Pocahontas looked like her own voice actress, Irene Bedard…)

  4. Nickybobbicals Says:

    I am sure that if there were black men who were writing this movie that the prince would be black and the princess would be light, bright, nearly white, or all the way white just like it is in all of their videos and movies and tv shows. So excuse me if I’m not up in arms over this “slight” against them. If they want us to care about them, then they better start showing that they care about us b/c it works both ways in my book.


    • Miranda Says:

      I whole-heartedly agree with Nickybobbicals, black men and comidians are always making light of black women being jelous of them dating white women. I’m interested to see how many of them complain about the character’s race once the movie is released to the general public or just advertised for that matter.
      I hope the movie will be seen as the evolution of life and not revenge. Yes some people, myself included, make to big of a deal about race but hopefully if people keep making movies like this our children can do better.

  5. daniel Says:

    stop complianing, make ur own movie then, black people complain about other people being racist but yet if they are not racist them slefs then the white prince should not be a big deal because that means that they are focusing on the fact that the prince is white, didn’t martin luther king want people not to see color?? well stop looking at the color of the prince.

  6. Alana Says:

    OH Get Over It Already the character of the prince is NOT white, As a mixed race person myself I am SICK of African American jealousy just because someone is NOT completely “Black”.

  7. Michelle Says:

    Actually Alana you have it wrong. You have some African Americans who are jealous because someone is mixed w/ something and not all black. not because they are all black. And really either way you look at it it’s sad that some black people til this day still cannot get over this color or that color. But as it’s been said many times before it starts all the way from slavery times. And alot of black people still have tendencies to have that mentality stuck in their heads. It’s been passed on and passed on and now were here in 2009 and you still have some people who think that black is not pretty or beautiful and that light skin or light brown is better. they cannot help they’ve been taught ignorance of something that the white man had instilled in their ancestors heads years ago and that it still follows some black people today. Personally I don’t care if the prince was white. Or if he’s mixed or of another race, wow who cares? you also should take a look at your self b/c if race wasn’t such an issue for you, you wouldn’t have to broadcast to readers that your “mixed” it’s not important whether your mixed or not the discussion is on the cartoon.

  8. Mel Says:

    I think this is great, people need to be quiet seriously there’s tons of movie’s with black man’s with woman of a different race so why can’t Disney make a black woman with any man she want.

    @daniel: Wow you act as if every single black person is complaining this is just probably only some jealous losers, in fact it might even be white people complaining!

  9. tm Says:

    Its not only black people Pocahuantas Didn’t get her Native American Prince or chief either.

  10. Amber Says:

    I agree that the race of the prince shouldn’t matter and personally, it doesn’t to me, but when dealing with such a racially sensitive issue, people are bound to be offended or hurt. Disney must have known that such complaints about the prince being white were going to be made.

    I don’t see what might have been so wrong with making the prince black, but then again, that would have its own criticism: Tiana not being good enough for a white prince, Disney being against interracial couples.

    I just hope a purpose exists to the prince being white or people are going to continue with the complaints..

  11. Princess Aswadah Says:

    Prince Naveen looks like many of the “creole” men that are native New Orleanians. I am from New Orleans, born and raised, and I have seen PLENTY men that look just like the Prince all my life. I have dated them and some of them are in my family. They are Black men. Not white! They are just light-skinned. If you knew anything about New Orleans and its culture, then Prince Naveen wouldn’t look odd or whit to you. There are many dark skinned women, light skinned men couples in New Orleans…Tiana and the prince look like home to me.

  12. rtm4jc Says:

    I grew up loving Disney films. I enjoy watching all of Disney’s princesses. As a black woman, I’m thrilled to know that Disney is finally coming out with a black princess. I’m estactic to know that her name is Tiana because my 2 year old daughter is name Tiana as well. This is a character that my daughter can grow up to love and indentify with. She likes all of the other princesses. But to have one look like her and with her name, I know my daughter will enjoy every minute of the film. I’m excited and I can’t wait to take her to see it. Way to go Disney! Who cares what color the prince is!

  13. Kaylan Says:

    THE STORY IS HISTORICALLY INCORRECT. I am not racists, but if you haven’t noticed, Disney has always stuck with the correct history of things, The only reason they are not sticking to the original story line, of Tiana being a chamber maiden is because everyone has complained, and there have never been any black prince’s in history, there for they aren’t going to stretch that far to make both a black Prince and Princess, I can’t blame them.

    I have always admired Disney for all their stories based off of fairy tales that have been told for centuries have all been correct, they didn’t edit anything major and added more enchantment, even Aladdin is a fairy tale story from the middle east, based off of the “Thief and the Cobbler”. I am sad that they aren’t doing this one the way they should, but with everyone complaining about the fact that there hasnt been any black princess’s they are. I mean have you ever herd of any fairy tales about a royal black princess? Or a royal black prince? but you have always herd of stories like Cinderella’s, sleeping beauty and snow white, even Ariels story have been around for centuries, and Pocahontas is historically correct to the degree, had they gone even more into the history it wouldn’t be rated PG. Even Mulan’s story has been around for centuries. I am and always will be a fan of Disney, and Walt Disney’s work.

    • oh wow Says:

      Boy you’re ignorant! No black princes in history??? For your information Africa is chock full of history of impressive Kingdoms with royalty including –ta da– black princes! And just to spell it out for you, don’t think that the word “kingdom” in Africa is a nicer way of saying village because they weren’t. The following were real empires with wealth and glory:

      Kingdom of Ghana (not to be confused with the country)
      Kingdom of Mali
      Kingdom of Songhai
      Great Zimbabwe
      Kingdom of Axum (in Ethiopia)
      Nubia (in Sudan)

      • Drachea Rannak Says:

        THANK YOU!!!
        That was very informative for people like me that does not know much about African History.
        What makes me mad about this movie is that I was SURE African people would have LOTS of stories, tales, myths and so on to adapt and make a TRUE BLACK PRINCESS.
        But no, they took a BEYOOOND EUROPEAN Princess tale and made her into an African American just to fill a “quota”… thats how I feel about this whole movie, and it feels WRONG. I mean what would people think about making Aladdin blond, blue eyed and living in Germany? I think people will RANT abut the whole thing for being racist. Well… what about this then? I think none is complying just not not to sound racist. but is the same case.
        For real, I wish Disney would have make this movie to show a REAL AFRICAN PRINCESS and not something like this, giving people the wrong idea: “since there was no African Princesses, we just have to adapt one of our SEVERAL white princess for them”

        SOOO WRONG!!! 😦

      • Canuck Says:

        Wasn’t it the black royalty that originally sold their own African tribesmen to Europeans as slaves? SO who really wants to hear about blacks selling out their own brothers and sisters? No one that’s who.

  14. Kaylynne Says:

    It’s pretty stupid how petty people are about these things. If the prince were black too, then people would complain because “it’s racist to assume that a black woman can only fall in love with a black man”. Darned if ya do, darned if you don’t. People should complain about actual intended racisim instead of assuming motives of others.

  15. Chelsey Says:

    I really don’t why I’m submitting a comment, but I’m going to anyways. Being an artist for a good many years, if you really looked at the Prince, he is black. He might be a lighter tone, but he is all black. Just because a black person isn’t so black that they’re shining purple doesn’t mean they’re not black. I’m of a darker shade, but the boy (and he is black) that I am currently liking is toned like the Prince. So I see nothing wrong. And usually it’s the girl that’s always light skinned and then all the dark skinned black girls get mad because no one wants them in the big time films. Well, Disney did y’all some credit there making the Princess darker and the Prince lighter. Not to mention the film hasn’t even come out yet and I’m sure that the Prince and Princess, the whole cast, will portray as much black (with what innocence Disney must portray it with) as possible. And then there are still people who just need to get over the whole ‘racism’ thing. Yeah, it still exists, but that’s not going to change. If you don’t like it then go to Africa or somewhere with black people. That, or like stated before, make your own movie. Or don’t watch Disney at all. I personally don’t like Disney, it’s a really a waste. Hence my wonder at why I’m even typing this, but, meh. Toodles.

  16. Kat Says:

    Personally, I’m really happy that Disney have made this move. I agree that the prince isn’t white, but as Princess Aswadah said ‘creole’, but the relationship between the two will show children that couples of mixed colour ARE acceptable.
    My brother is white, and my sister-in-law is black, originally from Zimbabwe with the most beautiful dark skin, and because of this my daughter, who is 4, didn’t bat an eyelid when she saw the pictures of Princess Tiana with Prince Naveen, she just got excited at the prospect of a new princess to get a doll for lol.

    I also agree that if they did make the prince black, there would be complaints regarding being against mixed marriages too.

    Disney have always tried to stay true to the world around us, including showing that not all families have two parents with Lilo and Stitch, and this new movie just tries to stay true to the way New Orleans was back then. There have been complaints about other movies in the past because of the characters involved including Lilo and Stitch and as mentioned before Pocahontas, which also was just staying true to the historical aspects while adapting it for the movie (eg: changing their ages!)

    People should stop complaining that Disney is being racist and take it for what it really is, a movie about a girl falling in love with a man that people everywhere will love like the many classics before it.

  17. Tina Says:

    I’m really happy about this cartoon. I’m from Louisiana plus I’m a black woman married to a non-black man. I really cannot wait for it to come out.

    People cry over the littlest things in life. If Disney made the prince black, the argument would be he’s too ugly, he’s too black, he’s too sissy, he’s not black enough, etc. Some even got upset over the title. Sheesh! In the end, it’s only a cartoon. Parent’s could decide to let their children watch or not.

  18. james carlisle Says:

    Ive got news for black people, white people are racist to white people, as a white man i can say this,we have own colour ised veiw ,blue eyes dont like green eyes ,gray eyes dont like hazal eyes, and brown eyes dont like any of them. Add to that the hair colours,and you can see what a mess we are. THERE ARE THOUYSANDS OF COMBINATIONS if we didnt have the rights of man,we would be killing each other,CHECK EUOPEAN HISTORY? black people make me laugh ,o im his skin toneOF BLACK, BEEN THERE DONE THAT.

  19. Rashaa Says:

    First of all the prince is Creole…which is black, french and hispanic desecent! Which encompasses alot of what black people in America are, not one’s family is straight just black, white or cream anymore. They Disney did a great job at changing that name from Maddy to Tiana, they did a great job at changing her profession from maid…n they did a great job in creating a prince! He is not white just light…just because Tiana is a chocolate drop doesnt mean she cant have a light-skinned brother. Coming from a chocolate drop that has a lightskinned brother… So all the haters lay-off…excellent movie….oh an i saw someone say what will the black boys think of this….um well that have obama…n they have the opportunity to make something better of themselves already a disney film is not gonna make a huger impact…they are just coming out with a black princess and its 2009, i think black people got the point already that this movie is giant step in the right direction for Disney! Chill out…n besides its all for the kids.

  20. Ebony Princess Says:


  21. Ebony Princess Says:

    Actually, I think the prince might be black…Just light-skinned, but he looks kinda black to me. Maybe they should have given him some more color to avoid confusion….but he looks kinda black!

  22. Nappi_Brown Says:

    I’m disappointed people and I feel slighted! I am a black women with a black husband and three children( two boys and a girl) When I heard about the movie coming out with the black princess I was happy… it’s about time. Now when my little girl sees those “beautiful princess” she can see someone who looks like her. But, what about her brothers? What, they don’t deserve to be in the happily ever after? They can’t be the handsome prince or the one who comes and saves the day?
    Do you really think that this is just some slight oversight ? They did that on purpose! And then to add insult to injury, the black man in the movie is a villan… There is a message being sent out, subliminal it may be, but it’s strong and clear.
    For those of you who say,” it’s just a cartoon” You’re right it is… to you, to me. But for a child thats what they’re imitating, thats what they pattern their playtime after. It is a childs reality. You know that. That’s why we as parents try to control what we allow are children look at and what they listen too. We don’t want them to be influenced by the wrong thing. You don’t think black children haven’t noticed that they don’t exist in fair tale land?
    For those of you who say,”it’s not a big deal”, or “get over it”. They’re counting on your ignorance. If it’s not a big deal then why are we now just getting around to a black princess and still waiting on the handsome black prince?

    • bunnigaru Says:

      “And then to add insult to injury, the black man in the movie is a villan… There is a message being sent out, subliminal it may be, but it’s strong and clear.”

      So you’re saying Disney is against all races, then? Because Aladdin was middle-eastern, as was Jafar. Snow White was, obviously, white. So was the Queen. And now there is a black villian against a black princess…now, I believe this makes your argument irrelevant.

      Also, all of the complaints about the “not entirely black” prince is ridiculous. So a lighter-skinned black man isn’t good enough to be a prince? Only true black is?

      We deserve this beautiful black princess and her handsome creole prince. Don’t ruin this gift with your senseless paranoia.

      • The Lioness Says:

        Yes, but you forget, Alladin was Middle-Eastern, as was the villain, but Jasmine was also Middle Eastern. Snow White was white, the Queen was white, but so was her Prince. Why Disney made the Princess black, the villain black, and her prince NOT black is beyond me. It does send a subliminal message. People need to take some courses in sociology in order to understand how this can be viewed as negative.

      • Canuck Says:

        I thought all black men we’re bad guys, I mean they’re usually the ones crowding our jails right?

  23. Pineapplecutie89 Says:

    I really wish people would stop saying he’s a white prince. Prince Naveen is oviously Hispanic or of a diff culture. It would have been something to see the first black prince though. I think that prince naveen is great also. I really can’t wait to see the movie. I’m happy that there’s finally a black disney princess. I feel that every black person should still support the movie because it’s still the first african american princess. How do you know this is the only black disney film that they’re going to make? I’m sure when they were making the characters they thought about a black prince of course, but maybe their planning on making another film using him in it with another black princess. Who knows?? The movie looks very interesting and if people are going to get upset over some color issue then that’s really sad. If you have such a big issue of why the reason there isn’t a black prince then write to Disney and stop ruining the moment for the rest of us. The movie’s already made. Are you going to complain about it forever?!!

  24. Brittany Says:

    I see it 2 ways. Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen are the complexions of myself and the father of my kids, so it is nice for my kids to see that subtle affirmation of my kids. I am pretty sure they made Prince Naveen ethnically ambiguous on purpose so that those who want to see him as Black can do so, those who want to stamp him with the Hispanic label (though I know plenty of Black Hispanics who are the color of Princess Tiana) can do so, and those who want to call him Arab or whatever else, go right on ahead. My issue isn’t with his color, but why I feel that they made him that color. A Black couple IS NOT a slight against mixed couples, and the fact that someone would argue that is kind of silly. What is a slight, is that Black woman + Black man = Black movie, and therefore, less money for the White producers. This is why Will Smith was starred opposite Eva Mendez in “Hitch”. They didn’t want to put off the racist White men by putting him with a White woman and thereby ruining her “virtue”, set off the tired Black women who can’t get a successful Black man because they prefer everyone else (though a Latina is lower on the ranking of pissing these women off), the White public in general who do not typically go to see movies with more Black people than they can count on one hand and only in supporting roles unless it is a Tyler Perry film or was in the Sundance or Cannes Film Festivals, and they needed to attract the Hispanic audience by making the film relevant to them. Prince Naveen is this movie’s Eva Mendez. Prince Naveen’s color is more likely a result of what will earn Disney money, and it is that that I find insulting and mildly racist. That, and they did pass up an awesome opportunity to have a very at risk population of young Black boys see that with the proper behavior, they too can be prince-like and very possibly chivalrous which is a quality lacking in boys of most demographics today period (I read the book where he goes from being a spoiled little snot to caring for someone other than himself), instead of only giving them violent superheroes to identify with.
    And as far as historical accuracy… Most Disney films are built upon fairy tales (fictional) not history (non fiction), or some sort of fictional story that will sell. There are NO such thing as mermaids, I sincerely doubt the existence of dragons, flying carpets, talking lion cubs, the ability to sleep for many many years like Sleeping Beauty and not have some muscular deterioration (or a horrendous UTI and stench), fairy godmothers, chasing your shadow, Never Never Land (outside of MJ), a little Indian boy named Mowgli who are raised by animals yet amazingly speaks English, Pocahontas getting with John White (she married John Rolfe), genies, and toys running a muck through my kids’ room without them putting them there. So what they made a Black American princess?!

  25. Bailey Says:

    He looks black to me..just with a weird accent. Maybe hispanic?
    But why does it matter?
    Color shouldn’t matter at all.
    People are saying this is racist, but really it’s not. They’re being more racist than Disney is.
    Get over it and move on with your life.

  26. Just a thought... Says:

    I’m just waiting until a princess falls in love with another princess. Or a prince to fall in love with another prince.

  27. Chanelle Says:

    isn’t it kind of a step to nullifying the racial divide, the whole concept of the american dream is based on this notion or colour blindess, I find it greatly intriguing that the couple is interracial, however i don’t like the fact that the black princess turns into a frog for what i’ll assume is a good portion of the film

  28. Paisley Says:

    I don’t care what anyone says about race, racism, or racists. Disney has never had a black, Sub-Saharan African looking prince or anything close to it since it was founded in 1923. I don’t care if they are trying. They are not trying hard enough. Personally I have had it with Disney. This is the last straw. If they want to keep on treating dark skinned black men like pariah to hell with them. I hurt for my brothers. I will boycott Disney from now on. I still want to see a dark chocolate prince. I hope some other production company fills the void for the demand for true ethnic representation of the pan-African and African-American diaspora, including our Hispanic brothers and sisters. And for those of who keep calling peole racists I am a milk chocolate sister married to a Greek/Anglo man with two beautiful multi-ethnic, multi-cultural children. So get it straight. This isn’t about skin politics, jealousy, or color startification within our community spectrum. This about all of us.

  29. Veronica Lambert Says:



  30. Sabrina Says:

    Ummm excuse me but THE PRINCE IS NOT WHITE!!!HE IS CREOLE, which is very common in LOUISIANA that creole people have relationships with african americans. AND I think it is beautiful that they show the interracial relationships between couples and if they want an african american prince there is ALWAYS THE FREAKIN FUTURE SO CHILL THE HELL OUT!

  31. Mr. Guy Says:

    Dude doesn’t look white, he looks like Sammy Sosa.. lol
    But anyway, in all serious, I am a black man, I really dont care. Its just a cartoon. I understand though. princess jasmine didn’t go with a white dude. Mulan didn’t go with a white dude. There aren’t really and black men in Disney movies. But its not a big deal. I dont think as many black man care about this as people would think.
    And to reply to those saying its about time, to get back at black men going with white women, i’m pretty sure they couldn’t care less. I think its more of the black men that go with black women who would really make a big deal about this.

    But anyway, i hope it has the feel of an old disney classic. Haven’t seen any movie the conjur up the same feelings of Aladdin or the Lion King.

  32. andre Says:

    im just glad to see a black princess , its bout time! im mixed about the prince but i mean the proncess is still black, and end the end no one really remembers the princes anyway

  33. Sam Says:

    And if Disney had a black prince people would be moaning that Disney’s saying that a black princess isnt good enought for the normal white prince, you just cant please everyone Disney is making a step foward as far as i know she is the ONLY black princess so if you all keep moaning whats to stop Disney from saying ‘stuff this lets just have a white prince and princess, people wont moan them.’

  34. Melissa Says:

    white? seriously??? Until seeing this today I was completely under the assumtion that he was lighter black or hispanic and I talked to my husband and he said the same thing. Either way he does not look white at all! Even if he was, so what? why is that so terrible? Would you react that way if you saw an interracial couple on the street? Because the way people are talking it seems like they are against it or something. It would be wonderful to see two black characters as well, but that doesn’t make this decision any worse.

  35. Gracie Says:

    I wonder if people realize that this is a KIDS’ FILM?
    they’re not going to wonder why the prince is black, white, orange, blue, green, or red. it won’t matter to them. they’re going to have fun with the movie and the magic in it and the songs, they’re not going to question the color of the characters’ skin. maybe disney was trying to go along with the time line setting. I read somewhere that it was supposed to be in the 1920’s, the French area of the New Orleans. Maybe Prince Naveen is french and that’s how he looks. not all europeans are white or peach colored. they come in all colors. just like all people do.

  36. Mae Says:

    I feel that this is such a silly argument. Being mixed race and English. The villan is black! big woop all the villans in other films seem to be English. I dont worry that my children will think that this means that they have to be evil or anything that you lot are insinuating. A film is a film, an escape from reality. I think you are forgetting this.
    Im glad that children will have a princess to aspire to, but they will not see anything wrong or racist in it, as children do not see race. it is the parents own prejudist keeps racism alive, passing it down through generations. The sooner everyone stops seeing colour and starts seeing the princess the better!

  37. Anna Says:

    I don’t really care about it because I like all the princesses
    in Disney.

  38. Cayley Anne Says:

    you people are sad. It sends a message saying that color does not matter. Its about the inside. African-americans and American can marry. They can marry/date who they want!!!!!

  39. Kitty Says:

    I really really want to make a dress just like hers for my prom this year! And I can sew a suit like that for my date! I’m so excited! 😀

  40. Kim Kardashian’s Sexy New Fragrance Ad Revealed « Celebrity News And Gossip Says:

    […] Comments Tim Cole on Bernie Mac’s Wife: ‘I Knew This Could Be It’Kitty on Disney to feature its first black princess… but critics complain as she falls in love with a W…Cayley Anne on Disney to feature its first black princess… but critics complain as she falls […]

  41. Chrisitan Says:

    I think that the people who are complaining that the Prince isn’t black should be ashamed of themselves, because they seem to be implying that they think it is wrong that a black woman has married/fallen in love with someone of a different race. Being mixed race myself, I find this very offensive. And although the villain in this movie is black, so is the “fairy godmother” type character.

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