Nicole Richie and partner Joel Madden hit out after paparazzi scare their baby daughter Harlow


Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden and Paris Hilton Hilton’s erstwhile best friend Nicole Richie have hit out at paparazzi for scaring their toddler daughter Harlow.

The young family were apparently mobbed by paps “acting like animales” at Miami Airport when they were trying to return home to Los Angeles, with Joel saying that his little girl was left “scared and confused.”

Posting on his Twitter account, he said: “These guys were sticking flashes in her face and bumping in to us and yelling. The most unneccessary force i’ve ever seen. It was the first time i’ve ever seen my child scared. Not cool for any parent to see. At least in LA they gave us some space.”

Joel said he’d wanted to lash out to protect his girls but managed not to.

He insisted: “You can’t get violent in front of kids. Thats a rule with me. Never lose my temper. Never will.”

He added: “While my career path is my choice my child should be off limits. I mean leaving clubs and restaraunts you gotta expect it. But this was just wrong.”

Talking just a few hours ago, Joel said that people power online had helped him protect his family.

Joel said: “I appreciate all the blogs and mags that aren’t posting or buying the Miami Airport pics. Once again the power of all of you on twitter.”

Joel and Nicole announced in February they’re expecting another baby, expected in late summer.


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