The vicious reality TV row that signalled the end for Katie and Peter


Bitter feud: Reality TV cameras caught Katie Price and Peter Andre in a bitter exchange that hinted their relationship was headed for collapse

Katie Price and Peter Andre’s bickering was always dismissed as harmless ‘banter’ by the couple.

But their latest television row – caught by cameras filming their series Katie and Peter: Stateside – was far more than just a petty lovers’ quarrel.

Explosive scenes aired on ITV2 last Thursday showed the couple embroiled in a vicious and bitter fight that signalled the end of their three-year marriage.

In a foul-mouthed exchange, the pair subjected each other to a diatribe of abuse in front of a Los Angeles shop assistant and ever-present TV crew.

In a vitriolic outburst Katie, 30, branded her husband ‘an old f****** singer no one knows about’ before adding: ‘You’re a f****** knob. I can’t stand you.’

Peter fired back: ‘Don’t ever f****** talk to me like that, understand? Think you’re going to get away with it?’

He dismissed his wife as a ‘stupid, miserable, arrogant cow,’ later concluding: ‘You are really, seriously a psycho.’

He continued: ‘You’ve got f****** issues. I can’t wait for you to watch this back and see how miserable you are.’


Beginning of the end: Peter branded his wife an ‘arrogant cow’ during the fight

The feud began when Peter wondered if the male shop assistant – who was working in a Hollywood boutique – recognised them.

Katie became agitated by the conversation and it quickly spiralled into rapid-fire warfare.

After Peter accused Katie of always demanding her own way, she responded: ‘I’m the one making the money Pete, so of course I can have it how I want.’

Clearly incensed, he replied: ‘What, don’t I make money?’

Katie fired back: ‘I don’t know, do you? Hurts, doesn’t it?’

Katie’s corner: The former Page 3 model said she was the only one earning money in the household

The couple’s manager Claire was forced to step in to break up the row, but not before Peter spat: ‘Stuck-up diva.’

The pair, who met on reality television show I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, announced their separation yesterday.

The split came just hours after pictures of Katie flirting with a man in a Bristol club emerged in a national newspaper.

Last night, the ‘devastated’ mother-of-three left her marital home in Surrey with children Junior and Princess for an undisclosed location abroad.

Her eldest child Harvey, from a previous relationship with footballer Dwight Yorke, is being looked after by a nanny at home.

Rapid-fire exchange: Katie said her husband was ‘an old singer no one knows about’

A transcript of Katie and Peter’s explosive argument…

Katie: When someone knows who you are and you come into a shop and you’re blatantly lying, you look a t***.

Peter: Really? Shhh Kate, zip it. [To assistant] So, have you heard of Kate?

Assistant: I’m not sure.

Peter: [To Katie] How do you feel now? How do YOU feel?

Katie: You’re a f****** knob, I can’t stand you.

Peter: Ahh, did I hurt your feelings? Did he not know who you were?

Katie: Oh, as if I’m bothered. No one knows who you are, you’re an old f****** singer no one knows about.

Peter: You’ve got a real attitude problem.

Katie: Get over it Pete. I want to go home.

Peter: I’m so glad you guys are here to film this…

Katie: I’m so glad too so you know what a knob you are.

Peter: You can see what kind of a stupid, miserable, arrogant cow she is.

Katie: Arrogant, what ’cos I’m talking to someone genuinely and you’re sitting there f****** lying? I can’t stand liars.

Peter: Really? You’ve got f****** issues. I can’t wait for you to watch this back and see how miserable you are.

Peter tells Katie she always wants her own way.

Katie: I’m the one making money Pete, so course I can have it how I want.

Peter: What, don’t I make money?

Katie: I don’t know, do you? Hurts, doesn’t it?

Peter: You know what? You really, seriously, seriously are a psycho. I hope you are f****** proud of yourself.

Peter ends the argument by calling Katie a ‘stuck-up diva’ moments after their manager Claire stepped in to break it up.


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