Cheryl and Whitney’s X Factor performances

witOnce again everyone is talking about The X Factor after performances by Cheryl Cole and Whitney Houston divided viewers and critics.

Cheryl Cole’s debut solo appearance on last night’s show was one of the most eagerly anticipated performances in the show’s history.

Viewers were up in arms last week when it was revealed that the talent show judge would be pre-recording her song and would not be singing it entirely live. There were also rumours that the Girls Aloud singer had banned her husband and other members of the band from watching her perform.

However, last night she did perform it during the live show, while husband Ashley and three of her bandmates looked on. Whether or not she was singing it live we may never know. So, was it any good?

Simon Cowell was definitely impressed, claiming it was ‘incredible’ and that she has a sure-fire number one on her hands, however, not everyone has been so kind.

The Sun says Cheryl appeared ‘petrified’ before taking to the stage and added that she looked like ‘a terrified hopeful’ as she performed.

Some X Factor viewers were also critical on discussion forums with one branding her solo turn ‘hideous’ and another saying her vocals were ’embarrassing’.

Cheryl was later upstaged (for all the wrong reasons) by Whitney Houston, who was making her first UK TV appearance in a decade.

Click on video to watch

source: yahoo


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