Miley Cyrus tour bus overturns, killing one

A tour bus for Miley Cyrus overturned in the U.S today, killing one person.

The man who died is thought to have been the driver of the bus, which was carrying people for the singer’s tour.

The 16-year-old Hannah Montana star was not on board at the time, Virginia State Police said.

Sergeant Thomas Molnar said the bus overturned around 8:15 a.m. in central Virginia, around 40 miles outside Richmond.

There were nine other people on the bus, and one suffered minor injuries and was taken to a local hospital. Police wouldn’t identify those aboard.

A wrecker arrived on Friday to haul away the black-and-maroon luxury tour bus, which was on its side in a ditch off the highway where it had apparently skidded for several hundred feet.

According to Miley Cyrus’ Web site, the pop singer is scheduled to perform Sunday in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus, who also appears on the sitcom ‘Hannah Montana’.

source: dailymail

One Response to “Miley Cyrus tour bus overturns, killing one”

  1. korie Says:

    i didnot belive this at first but hen i looked it up and i belived parents said miley cyrus was dead but i did nit belive thhem im glad i looked it up

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