Celebrity Exposed- cheeky Lily Allen Exposed in a tiny tunic dress

Lily Allen doesn’t seem to mind flashing her figure now that she has trimmed down to an enviable Size 8.

On stage in Liverpool last night she wore a tiny Chanel printed tunic with her favourite tights and a bowler hat – and gave the audience several peeks of her behind.

She might love the tights but she had to hitch them up a number of times while belting out her hits.

Wardrobe malfunction: Lily struggles to keep her outfit in check during the show

Fans at the concert at the Echo Arena said the star burst into giggles and announced her tights and bra were in danger of falling down.

Her cheeky performance was in contrast to the breakdowns she said she has suffered in the past few years and since her miscarriage two years ago.

She said she has recovered from ‘several breakdowns’ and that the emotional turmoil of her loss of her baby, who she was expecting with her then lover Chemical Brother Ed Simons, made her lonely.

The 24-year-old, who said she will be taking a break from music next year, said: ‘On a personal level, my miscarriage was a horrible moment.’

‘And then there were the several breakdowns that I had.’

She said the lows began when she was 18 and she went into rehab at The Priory, she was quoted as saying on Showbiz Spy website.

‘I’ve had two really low points since,’ she said, and added that she had been ‘sad and quite lonely’ after the miscarriage.

source: dailymail


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