Katy Perry working out five times a week ahead of wedding

The star has even stepped up her workouts to five times a week ahead of her wedding and yesterday showed off the fruits of her labour in a revealing bikini as she held a press conference in a stunning rooftop infinity pool in Singapore.

But pictured in her underwear on the cover of this month’s Rolling Stone magazine, it would appear the singer has been made to look even slimmer with a little help from the airbrush.

Katy PerryKaty Perry

Katy is wearing a pink bra and knickers in the sultry photoshoot, but her torso seems to have had any hint of body fat digitally removed, resulting in her looking impossibly thin.

Her barely there love handles have also been streamlined, plus the photos have been subjected to the usual procedures of sofening and smoothing, with not a blemish in sight.

Yesterday, Katy put her curves on display at the open-air Singfest music festival in Singapore.

She slipped into a patterned bikini to hold a press conference in the a luxury 150metre infinity pool, situated on the roof of the luxurious Marina Bay hotel in the Sands Sky Park.

source: dailymail


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