Source: ‘Ciara has lost her mind!’

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In a cover interview with Billboard magazine this month, Ciara revealed her break up with longtime manager Phillana Williams. I reached out to several of my sources for the details on what happened between the two longtime friends. What I learned surprised me because, apparently, Ciara is not the person we thought she was.

It’s beginning to look like Ciara’s sweet public persona was a carefully cultivated front for something darker.

When I first heard these allegations about Ciara, I thought long and hard about putting them out there. Ciara is a friend of this site and she was one of the few celebs whose reputation seemed infallible. But on the other hand, I can’t show favoritism while dishing dirt on every other celebrity, can I?

According to one of my sources, Ciara fired Williams mainly because she failed to create the “supermodel” image that Ciara so desperately wanted. My source said Ciara is “obsessed” with the successes of both Beyonce and Rihanna, and get this, Ciara believes she’s bigger than both of them.

Friends say Ciara has gone “beyond Hollywood” and that her unrealistic desire to be a superstar on the level of Beyonce, is beginning to distance her from her closest friends. “All of Ciara’s people were brought in by Phillana,” said the source, who added, “Ciara’s people LOVED Phillana. They are heartbroken that she’s gone”

The source, who belongs to Ciara’s close circle of friends, puts the blame for Ciara’s change in attitude squarely on the shoulders of her boyfriend, rapper 50 Cent. “She really believes she’s doing something by dating him,” said the source. “She sees the both of them as a superstar couple on the level of Jay Z and Beyonce or Chris Brown and Rihanna. They can’t even leave the house because [he’s afraid] people are out to kill him,” said the source. “Who would want to date a man who has to wear a bulletproof vest everywhere he goes? Ciara has lost her mind!”

The source described the atmosphere surrounding Ciara as “tense” and her entourage as “walking on egg shells around her.” As an example of Ciara’s fragile ego, the source described an incident during Riihanna’s Good Girl Gone Bad tour late last year.

Ciara, who didn’t have a stylist with her on tour, called her management from the road angrily demanding that a stylist be hired for her and a whole new wardrobe sent to her hotel. Ciara was livid at all the attention Rihanna was receiving from the blogs and Ci thought Rihanna’s style was the reason.

“She obsessed with [the blogs],” said the source. “She stays on the blogs 24/7. [Ciara says] ‘why am I not on here? Why aren’t they talking about me?’”, said the source. According to the source, other celebrities don’t know what to make of Ciara’s dark side. “Big time celebrities don’t want to work with her because she’s a beast. They’re wondering what’s wrong with her,” said the source.

Ciara is set to release her third album,“Fantasy Ride” in November. But, according to my source, Ciara’s last album, 2006’s Ciara: The Evolution, flopped because she tried to take her image in a completely different direction. “Her fans knew Ciara for her dancing, her baggy jeans and her Timbs, but she wanted to be Beyonce,” said the source. “Ciara picked the songs [for Evolution]. She sat down with Phillana and Phillana asked, ’so, what are your goals for this album?’ and Ciara said, ‘I want to be a supermodel’”.

Williams helped CiCi secure a contract with the Wilhelmina Model agency, but Ciara still wasn’t satisfied. A recent effort to increase paparazzi interest in her by staging candid photos of Ci at a recording studio, failed. “What celebrity leaves the studio and goes outside to a Coke machine?,” said the source. (source sandrarose)

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Billboard Cover Girl Ciara

Ciara graces the cover of Billboard Mag’s August issue rockin a sophisticated look and feel. Her third album, “Fantasy Ride” is set to drop next month.

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