Does Craig David Need to Man Up? |Celebrity News


Remember Craig David? If the answer is “no,” don’t feel bad. The British pretty-boy soul singer really didn’t make much impact in the U.S. when he emerged on the American scene back in 2000 with songs like “Re-wind,” “7 Days” and “What’s Your Flava.” He was cute for a minute, but ultimately showed no staying power.

Anyway, David is making news again – not for music, though – but for ranting against Leigh Francis, a British comedian, who pokes fun at him, chastising David for leaving the U.K. for stardom in the U.S. David argues that Francis’ constant taunting has caused him to lose British fans. Awww!

OK, no one likes being made fun of, but c’mon, grow up. Beyoncé, R. Kelly and Amy Winehouse get made fun of all the time. They roll with the punches and continue to make hits.

You think Prince gave a damn’ when people said he looked like a drag queen back in his Dirty Mind days? Hell no. He just put on his 6-inch pumps, glossed his lips, dashed on some eyeliner, oiled his Jheri curl, and continued to revolutionize music in the ’80s. Prince eventually had some of the hardest-looking brothers — Full Force, anyone? – wearing lace.

So what’s Craig’s excuse?

If you want to silent haters, don’t cry, just do you and make sure your music and game are tight. Anyone else out there feeling me on this one?

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