Hot Kelly Rowland frolics around Miami beach in a string bikini


Looking trim and toned in a flattering white string bikini, Kelly Rowland looked like she didn’t have a care in the world as she relaxed on Miami beach yesterday.

The singer larked around with a group of friends and soaked up the sun before taking a dip in the surf.

The 28-year-old, who was one of the founding members of girl group Destiny’s Child, was relaxing ahead of her debut in a 50 Cent video today. Read the rest of this entry »


Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland

Alicia Keys and Kelly Rowland attended the Keep A Child Alive: The Black Ball in London last night.

IT’S A (£100) GRAND LIFE! Kelly Rowland Celebrity News

WHILE most of us attempt to tighten our belts,it’s heartening – or perhaps extremely galling – that R&B stars are still encrusting their gut-garters with rhinestones.

Their devotion to the shiny concept of bling is such that taste, modesty and quivering livers are left strewn in their wake.

So when Kelly Rowland, Nelly, 33, and 30-year-old Usher splurged £100k on champagne and cocktails at London’s Amika nightclub, they were upholding a time-honoured tradition.

Now, if you’ve recently dithered over the reduced to clear shelf, take a deep breath before reading this rundown of the bill…

Kelly, 28, who was celebrating the success of her new album Ms Kelly with her rapper friends, started with a jeroboam (three litres) of white gold vintage Dom Perignon.

That set them back £16,000, so they moved on to Methuselahs (six litres) of standard DP. These cost £15,000 each – and take three waitresses to carry.

The trio also took a liking to the comparatively cheap and cheerful £1,000 Belvedere vodka, mainly because it arrived with sparklers in it.

The bill ratcheted up when DJ Jarren C, 29, agreed to play Kelly’s single Daylight, Nelly’s Hot In Here or Usher’s Love In This Club when £5,000 was spent on champers.

As we mentioned earlier, modesty isn’t a trait you readily associate with superstars who would print CD inlays on gold leaf if they got their way. Therefore the pals merrily stumped up for the most expensive jukebox in town.

Compare this to UK superstars who wear the same clothes more than once, treat themselves to Refresher bars or, in the case of 65-year-old Sir Paul McCartney, a trip on the bus.

Would we swap them, though? Not on your Nelly.
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Will the sexier cover make you buy “Ms. Kelly?”|Celebrity News


Let me start by saying that I’m not really a fan of artists re-recording and then re-releasing lukewarm albums. For me, it’s better to just move on and create an all-new better follow-up. Nevertheless, Kelly Rowland has been much in the news for attempting to make Ms. Kelly stronger, faster and more importantly sexier (e.g. the boob job!).

So here’s the new re-loaded CD cover for Ms. Kelly: Diva Deluxe. Does the sexy picture make you want to go out and get the disc?

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