Lindsay Looking Hot at the Cannes Film Festival

lindsay lohan at the Cannes International Film Festival

Now, no one parties like Lindsay, who heated up Chopard’s star-studded 150th anniversary fete in a barely-there minidress with chain-draped shoulder accents.


Lindsay Lohan poses holding a gun to her mouth for ‘arty’ photoshoot

Lindsay Lohan has caused controversy by posing with a gun

Troubled Lindsay Lohan has caused controversy by posing with a gun to her mouth for a new photoshoot.

The 23-year-old actress posted a picture from the shoot on her Twitter page, showing her pouting seductively for the camera with the pistol resting on her lips.

The photograph is just one of a set taken by photographer Tyler Shields for his new book ‘The Dirty Side of Glamor’. Read the rest of this entry »

Lindsay I Thought Breakup With Sam “Would Be So Much Harder”


Contrary to what you probably think, Lindsay Lohan did not get into acting to make headlines and acquire a paparazzi entourage.

“I didn’t get into this business to be a celebrity on the cover of tabloids and I’ve been a target and I’m not that interesting,” the 22-year-old actress insisted during an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing tomorrow.

“It distracts people—studio heads, everyone, and they get nervous. I’ve been through a lot. I was 19 years old when things happened and I’m ready to work. I’m responsible and I can be on time and I learn from my mistakes.”

Insisting that “everything fell into place” recently, Lohan says that she’s ready to refocus on her career, now that she’s single again following a breakup that apparently took her completely by surprise. Read the rest of this entry »

Lindsay Lohan: I Love Samantha Ronson Very Much

lindsay_lohanmay have experienced growing pains going in and out of rehab last year, but the newly grounded actress admits to regaining control of herself and being happy with her life.

“I’m a different person now,” Lohan tells Harper’s Bazaar for its December issue. “I’m happy.”

The road to happiness has been a long one for Lohan. Before entering treatment centers at Cirque Lodge and Promises for DUI and possession of drugs, Lohan, 22, admits feeling lonely. “I was going to clubs all the time and it was not okay. I was so alone.”

But she has taken responsibility for her downward spiral and ready to move forward. “I did it to myself and I have to deal with the consequences. I’m thankful for what I can take out of it. Now I feel clear,” she says. Read the rest of this entry »

Samantha Ronson Hasn’t Visited a Gym in Years

How does Samantha Ronson maintain the trim figure she showed off during her recent romantic Mexican getaway with Lindsay Lohan? It’s all in the genes.

Ronson, 30, who’s rarely seen wearing anything other than jeans, sneakers, and her porkpie hat, told people that she was “never more unhappy” about being snapped in her bathing suit during her trip to Los Cabos, Mexico. But the deejay is laughing off the incident – and the Internet buzz it generated.

“That’s very funny,” Ronson said after hearing that fans were impressed by her svelte figure.

When asked about the secrets to her slim physique, Ronson, 30, told people that less – a lot less – is more: “No gym – well, not in the last five years. All the credit goes to Mom and Dad and their genes!”

Not that she doesn’t indulge in the occasional cardio activity: “Sprinting through airports to catch flights,” Ronson added about her workout “regiment.”

The deejay even jokes about one of her only vices: Marlboro Reds. “I get winded just reaching for my cigarettes!” she said.

Emotionally, she’s in even better shape, thanks to her relationship with Lohan. A friend close to the actress says Ronson is “the best and happiest thing to ever happen to Lindsay.”

(Source People Mag)

Lindsay Lohan Is Really Happy

Lindsay Lohan, who recently said she’s “really happy” in her life, gets back in character on Monday, as filming for Ugly Betty continues in New York. The actress will appear on five episodes of the ABC hit, which returns Sept. 25.

Lindsay Lohan Remains Coy About Her Relationship with Deejay

In Hollywood, a tattoo is worth a thousand words. So even though Lindsay Lohan remains coy about her relationship with deejay Samantha Ronson, their matching tattoos say it all.

“Samantha has a bunch of stars, so I got that,” Lohan, referring to a star tattoo on her hand, tells Marie Claire in their October issue. Then, pointing to a little heart, she says, “she got this.” Read the rest of this entry »