Mary-Kate Olsen Takes Her Coffee on The Road

A solo Mary-Kate Olsen takes her coffee on the road, enjoying it iced while out Tuesday in Hollywood. Recently, the Wackness star shared juicy tales of Spencer Pratt’s bad temper on The Late Show with David Letterman.


Mary-Kate Olsen & Spencer Pratt Feud Started in High School

It’s starting to heat up into another classic Hollywood feud: Mary-Kate Olsen vs. self-promoting bad boy Spencer Pratt.

But well before Olsen publicly dissed the villain from The Hills for being a bad-tempered high-school spoilsport on the Late Show with David Letterman Friday, the seeds of their mutual antipathy were already planted.

In a 2007 Details article about Brody Jenner, best friend Pratt brags to a reporter about how he once made $50,000 by selling a photograph of Olsen drinking at a party back when the two attended the same high school.

And Pratt’s glee at his own plots doesn’t end there. The other schemes he talks about include having Jenner start dating Nicole Richie and then try to get her to eat, and trying to date every girl on The Hills.

Perhaps most ironic: He spends 20 minutes talking about how he wants to make a sex video with girlfriend Heidi Montag and then post it online. It’s the height of hypocrisy, if you believe Lauren Conrad’s claim that Pratt started the feud between her and Montag by spreading rumors of a sex tape starring Conrad.

Ben Kingsley: Mary-Kate Was ‘In Charge’ of Make-Out Scene

He’s a screen legend – heck, he’s even been knighted! But Sir Ben Kingsley isn’t above a little kiss-and-tell when it comes to his on-screen smooch with 22-year-old Mary-Kate Olsen in The Wackness.

“She was completely in charge,” the actor, 64, tells people of their enthusiastic make-out scene in a telephone booth.

The former star of Gandhi and Schindler’s List – who’s currently shooting with Martin Scorcese in Boston – drove down to New York for the movie’s Cinema Society and Sony Cierge-sponsored party at the Gramercy Roof Club.

“I love watching the movie,” his wife, Daniela, said of the coming-of-age stoner film. As for her real-life leading man, she added, “I love him. He’s amazing.”

Writer/director Jonathan Levine said that although he was never a drug dealer, the film is loosely based on his own experiences growing up in New York. And even with this all-star cast, Levine still passed along a few valuable lessons.

Most notably? “I did have to teach Sir Ben how to take a bong hit.”