Former Idol Star Paris Bennett Is Pregnant

American Idol’s “Princess P” is going to be a proud parent, her rep confirms to people.

Paris Bennett, 19, the Idol singer who was an early favorite – and an early ejection – in the show’s fifth season in 2006, is expecting her first child, the Minneapolis StarTribue reports.

The Rockford, Ill., native’s mother, Jamecia Bennett, told the paper that the father “chooses not to be in the public eye.” She added that Paris “has a ring” and is expecting to have a baby shower in August

Paris Bennett released her debut album, Princess P in 2007. News of the singer’s pregnancy was first noted by



Former American Idol contestant and 19 year old Paris Bennett is expecting a girl in October:

Paris Bennett is expecting a baby girl in October and will be 20 when mommyhood arrives.

“This makes five generations,” an overjoyed Jamecia Bennett, told me Thursday.

Jamecia, who like her daughter and mother is a singer, is absolutely over the moon about being a first-time grandmother.

“I’m proud of how she did it. I was 16 when I got pregnant,” said Jamecia.

Paris’ great-grandmother is Shirley T. Bennett, 75, of Rockford, Ill.; her grandmother Ann Nesby, a gospel and R&B powerhouse, who lives in Atlanta, was with the Sounds of Blackness.

Who’s the daddy? “He chooses not to be in the public eye,” said Jamecia. “I respect that.” What does he do for a living? “I can’t tell,” she said.

“She has a ring,” said Jamecia, who’s hopeful that she’ll be planning a wedding for Paris.

The planning for an August baby shower is already underway. A few celebrities may fly into town for the show, including Queen Latifah.

Latifah has made it clear that she plans to spoil this baby with gifts and that she won’t be stopped. You’re the princess but I’m the queen, Jamecia said Latifah told Paris.

National magazines have been calling looking for baby info, but Jamecia said she’s played it cool. “We tend to stay out of the media,” Jamecia said. “The only person we let know [personal] things is you.”

Um, then why did I have to hear about this pregnancy elsewhere?