Made In The Shades

Getting in some frequent-flying miles before baby arrives, Ashlee Simpson-Wentz and husband Pete Wentz soak up the rays at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago the day after taping FNMTV in Hollywood with Miley Cyrus.


On The Fence

Pete Wentz and Nick Jonas (of the Jonas Brothers) are on the fence (literally!) during a taping of MTV’s FNMTV Friday in Hollywood – but they’re sure about one thing: The VMAs are going to rock! The rocker announced that the boy band will perform on the award show in September.

Pete Wentz’s Greatest Record of All on Its Way

Fall Out Boy, FNMTV host and soon-to-be-father Pete Wentz is dishing out details on one of our favorite topics: babies!

The rocker called in to Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM morning show Thursday to talk about his future Hot Topic poster child, and it was actually pretty charming.

Apparently, the Simpson-Wentz manor has put green olives on orange alert—the tasty little fruits being Ashlee’s main craving and that she’s been putting on everything.

As far as how Pete’s taking his impending fatherhood, he had an interesting way of putting it:

“It’s like making a record, but knowing you’re going to mix it for the next 18 years.”

That’s cute, right? Even cuter is that all he wants to do is “live in the suburbs and hang out with my kid.”

Whether that kid will be a boy or girl is still unknown, but it’s something he hopes the doc will figure out in a couple of weeks.

Sounds like this kid is going to turn out just fine—as long as Grandpa Joe Simpson doesn’t figure out a way to package the diaper training into a reality series.

Pete Wentz

With his Clandestine Industries designs, Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz designs honeymoon-friendly hoodies and T’s. “Technically [my designs] will be hanging in the young women’s area, but personally I make these clothes as if they are unisex.” The line will soon be sold in collaboration with Nordstrom, but, needless to say, his wife Ashlee Simpson-Wentz will be getting her pick of the screen-printed designs.

Pete Wentz Talks to the Baby All the Time

These days when he isn’t rocking out with Fall Out Boy, Pete Wentz can often be found speaking to his unborn child or reading books about fatherhood.

“I talk to it all the time,” he told people Saturday at the Ultimate Fighting Championship 86 afterparty in Las Vegas. “The Expectant Father tells you that the woman, when she speaks, the baby hears her all the time. And the father’s voice isn’t familiar unless you talk to it, so I talk to it all the time.”

Armin Brott’s parenthood tome is just one of the books the bassist is reading to prepare himself for his and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz’s first child together.

“It tells you your partner’s moods month-by-month and week-by-week,” says Wentz, who is also getting advice from both his father and Joe Simpson. “It tells you why you’re feeling the way you are, how you can feel more involved in the pregnancy.”

And while Ashlee often has cravings for ice cream, pickles and green olives, everything is “going well,” says Wentz, who performed a two-hour DJ set at the House of Blues following the UFC match.

In fact, he is already hinting at more children in the future: “This is the first one so we’ll have to base the next one on how we do on the first one.”

Pete Wentz Adopts a Baby … Puppy!

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz have a new addition to their family: a 10-week-old puppy.

“The newest addition to the family. Meet Rigby,” writes Wentz about their new pet.

Wentz is known for his love of pets: His dog Hemingway was the ringbearer for his May wedding to Ashlee, who showed off her baby bump at Wentz’s bar opening last week.

And luckily, Rigby loves Hemingway just as much. “[She] pretty much follows Hem around,” says Wentz.

But for his 29th birthday on June 5, he also commissioned a cake that was a life-size replica of Hemingway.

“Kinda weird to eat your dog,” writes Wentz. “But I got past it.”