Tyra Banks, Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian add some sex appeal

Tyra Banks add extra sex appeal

Tyra Banks, Kelly Ripa and Kim Kardashian add extra sex appeal to their little red dresses with sharp shoulders.


Tyra Banks tops Forbes’ list of primetime’s top-earning women


Tyra Banks is the top moneymaking female on prime time TV.

Thanks to her hit show, “America’s Next Top Model,” Banks beat out stars like Katherine Heigl, Eva Longoria Parker and Julia Louis-Dreyfus to make the no. 1 spot on Forbes list of top earning women on prime time.

Banks earns an estimated $30 million from “Top Model,” her daytime talk show and various other TV appearances, according to Forbes.com.

Heigl placed a distant second, earning $18 million for playing a doctor on “Grey’s Anatomy,” and her movie roles like this year’s “The Ugly Truth.” Read the rest of this entry »

Tyra Banks Talk Show Not Immune to These Economic Times


Tyra Banks has (theoretically) lent her shoulders to many a teary eye and lost soul. But where does she turn when her well-weaved veneer catches a snag? The economy has dealt her ample empire no small blow. Her talk show has been in syndication for four seasons, but starting in September, it will air only on the CW in the afternoons. Also, Tyra’s production schedule has been slashed from 34 to 26 weeks. TV stations were forced to cut costs and thus eliminate Tyra. Read the rest of this entry »


It’s a pose off! Tyra Banks holds court with a team of models – (from left) Veronica Webb, Chanel Iman, Beverly Johnson and Noemie Lenoir – during a taping of her talk show Tuesday in New York. Scheduled to air Sept. 11, the episode celebrates an issue of Vogue Italia, which features only black models.

Tyra Banks Brings the Crazy to the Oval Office

With about three months to go until Election Day, the presidential campaigns seem to get more and more twisted up with celebrity culture. Today, we get to add the loveable crazy-fierce Tyra Banks to the mess.

The talk-show host/model mentor poses as Michelle Obama in this September’s Harper’s Bazaar and offers up advice on how to be a good first lady, like, “know how to take a fierce picture but at the same time be able to eat fried chicken.”

See, Tyra really does know everything from smiling with your eyes to representing the country.

And the crazy don’t stop there…

The best part of the photo spread is that mannequin Tyra is not the only faux-bama in the shoot, there’s also a fake Barack and fake offspring all looking glamorous in a fake White House because, as far as Bazaar is concerned, Obama’s already won. Or maybe they just want to show how pretty the Obamas would be as the first family.

Either way, it’s a weird concept that doesn’t quite work. Also, we’d like to know where’s the spread featuring Heidi Montag as Cindy McCain? If we’re (un)lucky, Speidi will probably provide that one for us all on their own next week.

In the end, the whole feature just reinforces the notion that you can never, ever have enough crazy Tyra quotes (the article is a goldmine), so here’s one more on what her Secret Service acronym would be if she were the real Michelle Obama: “KMFA: Kiss My Fat Ass.”

Yes, Tyra for president. And don’t forget to check out an all new cycle of America’s Next Top Model this September.

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Clay Aiken stops by The Tyra Banks Show Monday to help the host celebrate her 500th episode at the show’s New York studios. The singer, who’s currently starring on Broadway in Spamalot, gave away tickets to the musical.
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